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Arturo Garcia 09-23-2010 01:28 PM

Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).
Thank you all with this wonderful suggestion about seeing a specialist. Believe me, the reason I haven't seen one is not due to money, not due to time, not due to lazyness. I just don't know any.

Back in 2007/2008 when I first started having AC joint problems, the first 5 or 6 doctors I went to were absolutely sure my problem was on the gleno-humeral joint. Doctors in here suck. I don't even know if a "sports doctor" exists, otherwise I'd go to him everytime, even though I'm not an athlete (but I'm also not a 70 year old arthritis patient). So, finding a good doctor is actually hard for me.

If it were for me, by now, I would have gone to a chiropractor, a rolfer, and who knows what else. Believe me. But as far as I know, there is none. There are, I think, some "fake" chiros but I cannot trust them, they're usually foreigners who come and practise here maybe because they're banned from practised in their home country, who knows.

It sucks to try and fix oneself, I know. Thanks for the tips.

Mike Mallory 09-23-2010 06:38 PM

Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).
I don't think anyone's just trying to sluff it off onto 'see a practitioner', but you simply can't test yourself on everything, or correct your own neck, or examine your own SI joint.

It's not to say you can't go through your whole body with a lacrosse ball and start finding out where trouble zones are either. With all the things your thinking about, and the awareness you have of your body, you probably just need to find some pesky little thing that your overlooking.

Why not travel to someone in the US? We got people who travel to see us, and I travel too.......And for you, Miami's a cheap plane ticket away, and I know people who could look into it there......just sayin-

Arturo Garcia 09-27-2010 07:56 AM

Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).

Even thought it sounds crazy, I'm considering doing just that. There are some good offers to Miami sometimes, with which I can fly there and back for about US$300 if I get lucky (I just checked). I'd have to add hotel costs and taxi costs so it's still a lot. And how much would the person charge me? From what I've read these people aren't cheap. Plus, my biggest concern, is having to require some follow-up. Is this guy (or gal) gonna be able to find out what's wrong in just one day? ... I was under the impression that whatever physical issue I have would have needed some work and follow-up. This issue has been bothering me for so long, that I would actually be willing to pay for the flight IF (big IF) I knew that I would get at least a partial solution from my one visit (and then I'd do stuff on my own of course, I don't expect to magically get fixed in a day). But if I need to go back every week or even month... that's a little too much for my pocket, know what I mean? And I think usually people do need to go back for many vists. :(

But even for some improvement I'd be willing to pay, because I'm sick of this condition.

Mike, I've been trying to get some more info out of you but you're not easy :) ... those people with one leg duck-footed, what exactly was wrong in their abdominal wall and how did you find out? I'm genuinely curious.

Arturo Garcia 10-01-2010 02:55 PM

Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).
I found a Dr. today, he seems to know his stuff, at least he convinced me which is hard to do. He's a chiropractor amongst other things, but a doctor too.

He thinks my hamstring issue is being caused something in my lower back, or my upper back which he saw was disproportioned as well (right side stronger, the ooposite of the legs). He noticed, when I laid facing up, one of my pelvic bones was higher than the other. I wonder if this explains why squatting hurt right under the left hip bone (the left leg is the stronger one). Maybe or maybe not. He says he thinks in just a few sessions I'll see big improvements, we start tomorrow... I'll keep my hopes up. Something better work coz he aint cheap either.

He did notice a lot of stuff very quickly so that's why I think he knows what he's doing. He didn't "adjust" my hip bones because he says my low back is a little inflamed (or something), which makes sense since I worked out my legs 2 days ago and I felt my lower back very pumped when doing single leg hip extensions. Oh well.... just letting ya know.

Steven Low 10-01-2010 04:22 PM

Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).

He noticed, when I laid facing up, one of my pelvic bones was higher than the other.
Sounds like slipped SI joint....

Easily can cause the problems you've been having. If you had been to a decent PT/chiro before they SHOULD have been able to spot that.

Sucks living out where there aren't any decent ones though if you're actually in the Dominican

Arturo Garcia 10-02-2010 08:18 AM

Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).
Steven, yes I live here. And yes, I had tried this before with no luck. I spent all day yesterday searching for chiros and only found this one! Just one! He said that he's a doctor and that's why he's the only one listed anywhere, because there are other chiros who aren't Doctors, just chiros, so they don't appear listed and work a little more "underground". I had heard of a few of these chiros, 2 or 3 of them, all foreigners, and I've heard stories of they coming here because they were forbid from practising in their home country (usually USA) and they having hurt a couple of patients... so I was kindof scared to try them.

This guy seems legit so far, in a few hours I'll go for the first session.

If it is indeed a slipped SI joint... it can't get fixed by just putting it back, right? Something must've caused it to slip. I fear it could get slipped again unless we find the true cause. But I might just be talking crap as I know so little about this.... I'll ask him more questions today.

Steven Low 10-02-2010 08:54 AM

Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).
Usually an SI joint slips from impact or compensation imbalance (such as if you sprained your ankle and are putting more weight ont he other side chronically).

Ifit's been there a while it may take a while to reset back to the proper place.

Basically, if it's stuck you're giong to have to help it stay put after it would get put back in place by doing proper flexibility work to loosen the tight muscles that were keeping it there, and strengthening to help strengthen the loose muscles.

Both PTs and chiros should be able to do this type of thing but yeah.... Adjusting SI joint isnt like a major injury thing. Any chiro or PT worth their salt should be able to do it

Arturo Garcia 10-04-2010 09:27 AM

Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).

I've been to two sessions now. Saturday, and today, monday morning.

On both days he applied heat and ultrasound first to my lower back as he feels the problem lies there, also the mid back kindof. And then the front/inner right thigh. In this last bodypart also massage with some cream that feels cold. Last he's had me do some strengthening exercise only on that right leg. Today he said it already looks to be filling up a little bit, kindof in the inner thigh, whch looked a little "empty" compared to my left leg. I thought he was BS'ing me because how could we be seeing improvements in just 2 days?

Anyways I go back tomorrow morning again.

Funnily enough, he has not adjusted the hip just yet. I asked about it but he said not yet.

Yesterday (sunday) my LEFT lower back felt very odd all day. Not in pain, but just odd... I mentioned this and he said it's part of the process, probably because of our session saturday. I find it weird because I had never felt that before.

Today I feel my right hip odd, like the front part. Again, not in pain but just odd. Different. I'll take this as a sign of progress...

Sucks that he's forbidden me from doing anything, at all. I'll take a rest week, might do me some good.

Edit: you mentioning putting weight on one side chronically. Everytime I step onto a Wii Fit board, my balance is always on the same spot. I only step on one every few months, but it's always the same. My center of balance is to the left (stronger leg) and to the rear. When I do any unliateral drills on it I get scores like 30 with the left leg and 8 with the right, and so on. Heh heh.

Steven Low 10-04-2010 11:38 AM

Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).
Shifting is a good sign if your pelvis is off.

The process is good... youve had it for a long time so its going to take a while

Arturo Garcia 10-07-2010 09:05 AM

Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).
I have gone all week, including today, thursday, to the therapy. This is really expensive, on monday I'll talk him into making a deal or I wont be able to keep going much further... will have to spend my life savings at this rate, if I have to go daily for something like two months, no way.

Still ultra sound and heat on low back, mid back, and thigh. He told me he has seen the muscle is forming in my right leg. Which muscle, I asked? He says he sees emptyness kindof in the inner thigh. This was yesterday, today I went with a drawing of the Gracilis muscle and asked if it was it. WFS:

He says it is. It makes sense, seeing the functions of this muscle. Adduction, transverse adduction, knee extension, and although not mentioned in the above link, it helps in internal rotation as well (remember this leg is externally rotated).

This reminded me of a time where I had to make a 4 hour drive and I decided to keep my right leg straight, instead of letting it rest on it's outer side where it touches the car (around the gearbox). I remember I had incredible DOMS for about 4 days, I believe in this Gracilis muscle to be honest. Makese sense, considering what kind of work I had it do for several hours, although very light. This was about 2 years ago. I was already aware of my "problem" back then. Edit: the soreness back then might have been on the Adductor muscle, I guess I'll never know now. WFS:

He's had me done prone leg extensions while he places a DB in the back of my ankle, and supine leg raises with a dumbell on the front of the ankle. So far that's it. I honestly have my doubts, he says we'll do more stuff but it needs to be slow. At this price I don't want it to be slow.

He said tomorrow he'll adjust my hip, I'm anxious to see how that feels. Tomorrow I'll go to the beach for 2 nights until sunday afternoon... so I wont be posting again until monday, probably after I see him again on monday. I'll wait until then to discuss these prices with him, lol.

When I had AC joint surgery I remember the rehab place I went to also had the same equipment and it cosed 40% of what this guy is charging. I don't know if they know enough, though, but if he's not willing to make some kind of deal I'll go to them and check it out.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I swam a bit two days ago... and yesterday I rode my mountain bike for the first time in several months. Both things he told me I could do. I actually hit the bike pretty hard on a hill, big pump at the end. But no soreness today (cool!) and he says the lower back is improving every day, despite doing those activities.

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