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Brian Todd Hassler 09-01-2006 02:13 PM

i have been having knee pain posterior in the popliteal region and laterally along the outside of the knee below the joint line. at times it consists of a burning sensation, but mostly it just feels as if there is a general tightness throughout the whole knee. i have been active with lifting and recently running as my forms of exercise. any ideas for helping alleviate and identifying the problem would be appreciated. i am thinking tightness of the TFL could be a reason for some of the pain. Plus when i run i tend to run on the heel of my foot.

Ben Liuzzi 09-06-2006 03:13 AM


I have had a similar presentation of posterior pain. Mine was gradual onset of posterior knee pain that lead to general knee 'ache' and soreness.

It was caused by a combination of many factors.
1. TIGHT ITB...have fun getting that released
2. Over dominant quads (and poor hammies/calves in my case)
3. 'Heavy' running style.

These factors combined with an increase in training frequency and intensity (weights and running) lead to my problem.

Hope this at least gives you some ideas to explore


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