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Larry Lindenman 08-20-2004 05:02 AM

I have to do this...I was a ring specialist in HS and for a year in college. I haven't swung in years, then I started Crossfit. Like others I wanted to save some money so I made rings. Rope, nylon tubing and PVC pipe. I was able to crank off some muscle-ups, but they didn't feel smooth and hurt the hands; also they were not portable (I had them in my garage, my gym is in the basement). Last week I broke down and spent the $80.00 for Power Rings. The rings came last weekend when I was rockclimbing! I came home, wrapped the rings in tape and waited for a WOD which uses rings (I did some ring dips to test them out). Well yesterday was the day. I cut down the old homemade rings and hung the power rings, took about 2 minutes or less to set perfectly. Cranked off two muscleups and it felt like high school. Damn, I wish I bought these eariler. Made me want to try all of the old strength tricks. These things are solid, well thought out, fun, and perfect for a home gym. Save up and buy these, I wish I did a year ago. Now I need that GHR bench to complete the home gym. . .a reverse hyper would be nice, and. . .

Tyler Hass 08-24-2004 11:06 PM

Thanks for the review. I really appreciate it. What kind of strength moves did you do in high school?

Larry Lindenman 08-25-2004 03:37 AM

L-Iron cross, planche (sp). Routine, as best as I could remember (1983) was straight arm pull to invert, kip to L lower to L-cross, lower to invert, double dislocate to straight arm handstand, reverse giant to handstand, reverse giant to back uprise to planche (hold hold), push rings forward, front giant front giant to pike double. I'm sure there was other stuff in there but I don't exactly remember. I was pretty tall and heavy for rings (600/185, very low BF levels) so the strength moves weren't as pretty as they should have been (cross was a little high, planche was not perfect form). My size really killed my hands and I ripped almost weekly. Back in the day we didn't have foam pits so dismounts were a little less daring (we'd work them on the tramp, and then go for it with a thick foam mat, fall on your head, break your neck). I tried a foam pit in college and was working on a half in half out, with no fear of injury. . .great inovation.

Ross Hunt 08-25-2004 11:02 AM


What do you think would be the best bodyweight for a 6' gymnast with respect to rings?
I too am 6', and love the rings, but I am still quite light (160-165) and plenty of that is lower body.


P.S.; Yes, Power Rings are great.

Larry Lindenman 08-25-2004 12:02 PM

Your weight sound good! At 185 the rings really tore up my hands. The good thing about being taller is IMO your swings look better, the bad thing is I think were disadvantaged with levers. I was always one of the tallest gymnasts in any gym or meet, people always asked why I was a gymnast, because I didn't have the stereotypical build; I liked it and although would never compete on a national level, I credit gymnastics for most of my athletic skill today. It also taught toughness and courage.

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