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Warren Matthews 04-08-2008 06:29 AM

Oh thank goodness!
My lovely wife was out and about with our daughter this weekend and went by Peet's to get some tea. I ended up getting a phone call that started out really cryptic like.

" were looking for an espresso machine by Ga...Gagg...Gaggia, right?"


"Have you heard of the Gaggia Classic?"

"Uhm, yeah...they're pretty good machines from what I've heard"

"Is $130 a good price for a new one?"

"That would be a really good price......why?"

"No reason"

hmmm. So later that day she comes home and gets a phone call, I see her getting her wallet and then a credit card. I didn't even have to break her down, she ended up telling me that she found a display model Gaggia Classic at Peet's and bought it for my birthday (still a month away). :notworth:

I have been on a major espresso kick and have been trying to figure out how to buy my own machine. Hot diggity...this morning I woke up and fired up the new machine and made my first decent cup of espresso. Time for the WOD! :run::pepper:

Lame post, but just had to express my excitement. I'll likely never sleep again.

"What? Dishes need to be done?....sure, no problem...let me get a shop of espresso first!" :super:

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