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Jason A Smith 01-02-2014 06:45 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Back at it again today. When I saw this week's stuff this looked like one that would be good for a morning session......I was right.

12 sets @ high effort:
7 chin-ups
7 box jumps - 24"
7 thruster - 75lbs
7 burpees - no jump @ top
60 sec b/t sets
*I want you to mix and match the order every set. Any order possible. Only record fastest and slowest set. Exact order layout not required. Just make note of which order seemed to be the hardest.
[B]All sets between 55-58s. Which set was the hardest, honestly set 6 on were hard as I was getting tired. Afterwards I figured out that these are the four moves people seem to dislike the most and go figure we combined them for about a half hour long grind. By about set three I loosened up and moved pretty well. Worked on doing some rebound box jumps as well. I pretty much guarantee that box jumps will be in the open.[/B]

Lef calve and right knee still sore. Pretty sure that it beuing -45C here does not help at all with my sore joints/muscles.

Jeff Enge 01-02-2014 10:10 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

And here I thought 18F was uncomfortable. :yikes:

Jason A Smith 01-02-2014 10:51 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
[QUOTE=Jeff Enge;1212637]-45C?!?!?!?

And here I thought 18F was uncomfortable. :yikes:[/QUOTE]

Yep, right now it is colder here than the North Pole. Very glad I opted for my membership at Anytime Fitness right now. It just flat out takes too long for the garage to heat up.

18F is actually still pretty balmy. If it only got that cold it would be cake to stay in my garaghe with my heat I have all winter long. The floor just gets so cold.

Jason A Smith 01-03-2014 07:01 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Well, we got warmer temps, and a dump of snow. I screwed up my schedule a bit so I am going to be training 5 days in a row. Recovery will be key. Worked out at home tonight as it was finally warm enough to do so.

A. Front Squat @ 20X1, 1 rep @ 92.5% RM x 3 sets, 3 min - c[B]omplete at 134KG/295#, no issues.[/B]
B. Squat Snatch, 1 rep per min for 15 mins - 3 @ 130lb, 3 @ 140lb, 3 @ 150lb, 6 @ 160lb - [B]completed. I got a video of the last one at 160#. I missed one as it was way forward on the way up. Hit an extra easily. Stumbled upon some very helpful information on the internet about how the Chinese teach this. They teach a hard internal rotation at the shoulders to tighten the upper back. I tired this today and it made a huge difference to catch the weight. I felt really solid. As long as I stay low and hit my hips these feel really good. Progress.[/B]
C. Power Clean. Split Jerk. BTN Split Jerk, 1.1.1 x 10 sets, 1 min - 5 sets @ 155lb, 5 sets @ 175lb - c[B]ompleted. Same thing with the shoulders on the jerk. Thought I had the last set on tape, but alas one should not count on a 5.5 year old videographer.[/B]

My right knee still isn't all that excited to squat. Once I actually got warmed up it felt fine. Really pleased with my weightlifting tonight.

Jason A Smith 01-04-2014 07:52 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Got to "warm up" doing about 1.5 hours worth of Z1 shoveling. Boo ! At any rate. Keeping up with the rest of my week and this is day 4 in a row. Tomorrow will make 5. Gladly there will be a rest afterwards.

Squat Clean Thruster, 1 tough rep every 15 sec for 30 total reps - 185lbs
[B]completed with an asterisk* - I missed two reps in total. One at rep 2 and one at rep 26. I did not redo them. I was right on track time wise until about rep 20. In there I took about three extra 15s breaks to catch myself. I thought that would be just as fast as unloading the bar. Kind of a nice surprise to get this in. Total time was 7:45....I think.[/B]
7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for time:
unbroken Above Knee Hang Power Snatch @ 135lb
[B]This was sort of a DNF. The set at 7 was not going to happen UB today without effing my shoulder. I did it and the one at 6 broke once each and the rest as written. It was about 6:30 total time. I wanted to make sure I was ready to go. I did this maybe 5:00 after finishing the first part. I was already warmed up when I got to the gym as I did some stuff at home. This went better than I thought it would though so am happy about that.[/B]

I spent a pile of time loosening up and it seemed to help. Got rid of some residual soreness. This is day 4 in a row. I went really late today to try and give myself lots of time in between.

Jason A Smith 01-05-2014 12:21 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
[QUOTE=Jeff Enge;1212637]-45C?!?!?!?

And here I thought 18F was uncomfortable. :yikes:[/QUOTE]

Well then, think about this. When I checked the weather after shovelling it was -55C with the wind. Yuck X 2

8 min @ 90%/high effort:
5 shoulder to overhead @ 115lb
10 deadlift @ 115lb
15 box jumps - 24"
[B]6 rounds + 8 Box Jumps[/B]
--8 min rest
8 min @ 90%/high effort:
15 cals Airdyne - [COLOR="DarkRed"]subbed 150m row[/COLOR]
10 burpees - no jump @ top
[B]6 Rounds + 3 Burpees[/B]
--8 min rest
8 min@ 90%/high effort:
15 thrusters @ 45lb
7 chin-ups
[B]8 rounds + 8 thrusters[/B]


Strained my left calf at round three of the first part and it is sore and made everything uncomfortable. I pushed through (smart ?) and had to resort to doing step ups. I was never close to out of breath either on the first part. Pretty sure I could have hit my score from last year easily. Doing actual box jumps would have been much faster too. I was hoping to hold 1 round/minute pace but you just can't cycle the step ups that fast.

Everything else went well and I feel like I am starting to get into "Open" condition. Need a break from doing box jumps and double unders to give my calf a break.

Jordan Derksen 01-06-2014 10:41 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Jason! Joining me over on the Pendlay forums hey? I've learned a lot since going there. I've really begun to realize learning from the more internationally travelled lifters there how much we're taught wrong. Knees out, hips down, and hard external rotation are all wrong cues and since fixing those I've fixed nagging tweaks and gotten way more solid. I'm looking forward to trying the internal rotation cue this evening.

I do check your log when I'm here but due to the flu last week I didn't train at all so I haven't been on this forum at all. I finally have something working and had a solid 12 week cycle set up for myself and I go and get the flu. Don't remember the last time I had it but it set me back for sure; tonight we'll see how much. I know I lost some good weight on it. And it's good to see your snatch changing as well; I know that's been a long frustrating battle for you. Since I started the hard external rotation my own right shoulder has been giving me issues.

I've also totally changed my warmup, check out klokovs warmup on all things gym. I've started doing those stretches and warming up differently and my joints thank me for it. Over the last week since I didn't train I actually gained several inches of depth on my squat which is all going to mean more weight on the bar. I can actually lie on the floor now in the stretch Klokov does where he stretches his quads and front of his ankles by lying down on top of them (if that makes sense).

Jason A Smith 01-07-2014 08:42 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

I have been a member there for a while now. Don't spend much time there, but there is some good info there for sure. Resting yesterday, back to training today. Still a little sore in a couple spots but getting better.

A. BSq @ 20X1, build to 95% RM for a single - [B]up to 345#, felt good[/B]
B. Power Clean, max - [B]235#, failed twice at 245# PR is 250# so this was a bit of a bust.[/B]
C. Snatch High Pull. Above Knee Hang Squat Snatch, 1.1 @ 115lb per min x 10 mins - [B]completed.[/B]

Felt really good today. Still a bit sore but not pushing my knees out hard helped my squat feel way better and internally rotating my shoulders helped with feeling very stable on the technique work. Lots more mobility to do the next few days, but it is coming along.

Jason A Smith 01-08-2014 07:18 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Back at it today, in the garage. It has warmed up ever so slightly. Feeling a little stiff and sore today.

10 sets @ high effort:
3 ring muscle-ups
6 kbs - 32kg
10 cals airdyne
60 sec b/t sets
*I want you to mix and match the order every set. Any order possible. Only record fastest and slowest set. Exact order layout not required. Just make note of which order seemed to be the hardest.
[B]All between :53-1:00. The hardest was 6/10/3 - slowest both times I did it.[/B]

Felt pretty decent today. Got a massage on my calf yesterday. Going back Friday to get it finished up.

Jason A Smith 01-11-2014 09:07 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Went and had my calves worked on some more. They (as well as my quads) are really tight. Will need to spend some time over the weekend working on them.

A. Front Squat @ 20X1, build to 95% RM for a single - [B]to 138KG[/B]
B. Squat Snatch, build to a tough single - [B]up to 76KG, which is JUSt a PR. I failed at 72 3 times, loaded up more weight and kept going. Was making 2KG jumps on the minute starting at 60KG. Just missed 78KG. Goal is to be able to hit 80KG (easily) by the end of February. Need to keep my butt down more during the first pull.[/B]
C. Power Clean. Push Press. Push Jerk. Split Jerk, @ 155lb x 6 sets, 1 min - [B]completed[/B]

Pretty happy to hit that weight. It is a PR but just barely. I have snatched that weight less than a dozen times since February of 2012. Keeping a log is nice as I feel like strength (Olympic lifting wise) I am back where I was at that point. Conditioning is much, much better too. Need to keep being healthy and progress will come.

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