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Paul Worman 07-14-2006 07:37 PM

I wanted to give my input on tire flipping. I know the use of tires in Crossfit is pretty prevalent. I got a fairly large tire (free) at my local tire shop and did 3 sets of 20 flips each. What an awesome total body exercise. My forearms have never been as sore from any other exercise I have done. Other than my neighbor yelling "Hey, you training for Strongman or something?", I didn't get too many weird looks. I would highly recommend adding tire flips to your Crossfit workouts.

Will Nuse 07-14-2006 09:06 PM

How big a tire did you get initially? I've been looking at equipment and have very little money right now since I just moved; free tires sound like a good deal.

Jeremiah Hurley 07-15-2006 10:37 AM

i was able to get some for my battalion through the motorpool old LMTV tires or forklift tires are great. Some are a little out of control (takes 4-5 guys to filp) but i would think you could get some from a local garage that works on industrial equipment or even big rig tires. They have to pay to dispose of old tires could be a great chance to get one for free.

Eva Twardokens 07-15-2006 08:52 PM

I went down to the local tire/wheel store and they let me shop and take what I wanted FREE.

Paul Worman 07-15-2006 10:58 PM

It should be no trouble getting free tires. The tire place I went to services everything from passenger cars to very large heavy equipment (tires weigh upwards of 1500 lbs). The tire I got I'm guessing weighs around 150 lbs. but it is hard to tell because you are not lifting all the weight. It is about 2 ft. wide and 4 feet tall.

Fiona Muxlow 07-16-2006 01:06 AM

Most places have to pay a disposal tax on old tyres so they are often happy to have them taken off their hands.
I picked up 4 car tyre with rims, two which we use for drags and the other two for carries, as well as two tractor tyres that we use for flip, boxjumps and slegdehammer work.All for FREE


The women flipping the front tyre is 5'6, so id say they are about 5 foot across

Will Nuse 07-16-2006 06:07 AM

Good to know--I'll look around.

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