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Eugene R. Allen 06-14-2005 09:33 PM

I put up a post in the Testimonial section called "Kipping Rocks" about 35 pullups I managed in front of my SWAT buds. I mentioned my pursuit of 40 pullups as per an earlier contest and James Climer threw down the gauntlet for a race to 40. Brendan Melville climbed aboard the challenge train too so rather than continue it there under Testimonials I decided to open this open this up to a wider audience under a more obvious title.

The challenge was originally for the first to 40 and anyone who wants to join in on the race with weekly updates to keep everyone in the group motivated is welcome. Be sure to post where you are starting from.

I have an additional objective and welcome any who want to continue past 40. On November 27th with video to record the event I will be doing 50 on my 50th. For those of you with less water under your bridge matching your age might not be so demanding...but it's a worthy goal for me.

It's on.

Mark Beck 06-15-2005 03:19 AM

Great stuff Eugene. I will join you. I'd been working towards the 40 challenge myself (a year late) and set a target of 1 September. I feel like I've had a bit of a breakthrough myself in the last couple of weeks. I had been stuck in the mid 20s for quite a while and last night got 31 in the first round of Lynne. You are definitely right, it is the kip that makes all the difference. Funnily enough for the last couple of weeks I'd been practicing exactly the same swing that Nicole was pictured doing on the site the other day and I feel that has really helped with improving my kip.

You are 4 ahead but I'm up for a challenge so you are on.

Jerry Hill 06-15-2005 05:28 AM

I thought you might be interested in this, I found it on another message board...

The Birthday Club Challenge came about because I wanted to develop a challenge that would be equal for all dedicated athletes' that are the optimum weight for their height and give the younger athletes a chance to compete against us "old guys." It is based on your age and five exercises.

1. Your age in pullups. I'm 50.

2. Your age in dips. I'm still 50.

3. Twice your age in pushups. That's 100 for me.

4. Climb up a 16' pegboard, twice in a row.

5. A true one-handed pullup -- with each hand.

6. Do all five exercises in 25 minutes.

Don't believe it? Check out my Web site,, and let me know if you succeed!

Mark Madson
Clinton, WI

Jerry Hill 06-15-2005 05:31 AM

Also...I hit 35 chins last week, breaking my old best set in 1990! I'll join you on your 50th with 50!


Jeff Martin 06-15-2005 06:55 AM

I'm in. I'll be 46 in August. My best set so far is 36, but 50 seems a nice round number.

David S Keisler 06-15-2005 10:52 AM

OK Eugene... Im thinking about it... that would be 57 for me though... what about two sets if the first set is @ least40 PUs ?

Tanner Kolb 06-15-2005 11:22 AM

i guess i am in too, cause i missed it the first time around. i wont do my age cause i will be only 25 in oct. but i will go for 40, or maybe 50 depending on when the deadline is. i am around 30-32 on a good day.

bill fox 06-15-2005 11:32 AM

Well of course it's mulling around now....45...ah what the hell, I'm in. I have no idea what my kipping max is, I did 23 strict last week, but I can't really kip on my bar. I'll have to commit to getting to Maxercise once a week to really practice. Can't hurt right?

James R. Climer 06-15-2005 12:43 PM

Nice pre-empt Eugene before your testimonial got moved.

Ok, I'm at 32 current, 45 years-old and will get to 40 by July 9 , and 46 by Thanksgiving (I'll be 45.5).

Brendan Melville 06-15-2005 12:48 PM

I hit 25 today, up from 21 last week. I'm taking it easy the rest of the week for some rest, and then it's back to my aggressive pull-up work. I've been steadily increasing every week, and hope to be in the thirties in a few weeks.

Once upon a time I was only working on kipping pull-ups, and my strict fell far behind, so I have also been working on them, so maybe I'll set a goal of 20 for them.

I can't believe the goals I am setting myself when it was only a few short months ago that I began crossfit with a pull-up max of maybe five...Brings a smile to my face.

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