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Renfro Carley 04-01-2016 01:23 PM

Beta Alanine Issues
Anyone have any issues with Beta Alanine? Everytime I seem to take it, seems I am running to the bathroom 10-30 minutes later. Any alternatives to this great supplement?

Michael E Tancini 04-02-2016 10:38 AM

Re: Beta Alanine Issues
You may want to try spacing your doses out throughout the day, consuming just a small amount at a time. This may help.

Aaron Gainer 04-09-2016 05:49 PM

Re: Beta Alanine Issues
Sure your not taking it with caffeine? That always seems to be the issue with preworkouts when I consume them.

Blair Robert Lowe 04-12-2016 12:25 AM

Re: Beta Alanine Issues
Could also be magnesium if it's in a preworkout.

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