View Full Version : Ql/ erector pain

Manning Blanchard
09-24-2012, 08:50 AM
Hey all! Been searching through the forum and have been trying to find some threads based on the problem that I'm having but to no avail..

From what I can remember the problem I'm having came up after a wod with many box jumps and Russian JB swings around the 20kg weight. Very tight feeling spinal electors and a "skin pulling/tearing" feeling pain around my ql on my left side. Streching wasn't bad but if I "pulled" the skin or massaged it hurt like hell on the surface, yet some numbness on the surface of skin over the erector.. Few days later I'm good to go until a 25squat and 25 thruster x3 with a 20kg sand bag.. Again immense pain, this time radiating through quads, spinal erectors felt like they had a "pump". Leave it alone everything is good till fight gone bad and it's back again from 9kg wall balls...

Seems to always be lower weight higher reps that gets me. I can squat 140kg+ and dl 160kg+ and back always feels fine unless I've done some low weight high rep squats the day before..

Im lost. Looking for what I'm hurting? Ql strain? Heavy stuff really doesn't hurt me, was box squatting 130kg+ the other day and it was fine, 75kg hang cleans today and it was fine, until nasty girls where 30 body squats into the second set it started bothering me and that last set of 50 at the end was rough... After the workout when laying down on the floor I could not get my lower back to touch the ground flat or in hollow at all because of tightness..

Only thing I can think of is a really bad butt wink when not squatting with much weight? And what is injured or if it's bad??

Sorry for the ramble.. But I'm at a loss.. Thanks!!!