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Dave Carr
09-23-2012, 03:25 PM
I am having major problems recovering from my Labral Tear repair.

I am a Truck Driver, 6'1, 200 lbs, somewhat fit. I do have a slight belly issue but not bad.

I was trying to un hook my trailer from my tractor and my 5th wheel jammed. I got out of the truck and had to position myself between two trailers to get to my 5th wheel release arm and saw that it was only out about 3" and it should have came out about 8". I reached in, grabbed the handle and pushed the handle in real hard when I felt the first pinch (sting). When I pulled the handle back out as hard as I could, I felt the new experience in pain. It was so bad that I fell to my knees, I saw stars and it made me very sick to my stomache. When I gained my composure back, I immediate called my company. they in turned called an ambulance and off to the ER I went.

The ER doc wouldnt touch it. Said that I needed to be seen by a specialist. So after filing my claim with Work Comp, my company told my case mgr that they wanted me to be seen by the best. Off to Ortho-Indy I went.

At the first visit with my Doc he ordered an MRI. Said that he thought that I had torn my Rotator Cuff. Went back 2 weeks later only to find out that I, according to the MRI, had 2 tears in my Labrum in my right shoulder. My doc said that the only way to fix it is to fix it. On Aug. 3, 2012 I had the surgery but it wasnt what the Doc thought when he got in to it. I found out that it was one complete tear. If you look at a clock and start at 10 and go backwards to 4 that is how bad the tear was. It required 8 screws and anchors. He also found some debris of the labrum already fusing with the joint at the collar bone. All together I had a Labral repair, Nerve decompression, shoulder decompression, and he had to take out part of my collar bone. My Doc said it looked like that I took a direct helmet hit from a 300 lb football player.

On the 22 of August I began Physical Therapy. I met with the Supervising Therapist and she explained to me everything that they were gonna do and what was expected of me. She began doing some ROM excercises that felt soooooo good. Now from Aug 3 up to this point my recuperation was right where my Doc wanted it.

On the 23rd of Aug is where everything went down hill. I showed up for PT about 20 mins early. I didnt see my therapist there. Was told that she had an emergency and that I would be seeing someone else. This male therapist came out and got me. We went to the excercise room. I took my sling off and laid back. Before we started, the receptionst came back and told me that when we were done that I had to fill out some more paper work. I agreed and as she was leaving she open handed popped me in the back of the shoulder. Now in my medical profile its states in big letters the type of surgery and the repairs that were done. She is not a licensed therapist. Anyway, This guy proceeds to get very aggressive with my arm and shoulder, jaring my arm back and fourth up and down and putting it above and over my head. I was in excrutiating pain :yikes: . I was in tears. I ended up doubling my fist on my left hand, used a few choice words :ranting2::ranting2: and told him that if he hurt me again I was gonna clean his clock. He then looked at me and asked me what type of surgery did I have. I was dumb founded. I looked at him and ask him if he read my profile or notes in my chart. His exact words to me: I DIDNT HAVE TIME... :eek: .

As he went over to his computer to pull up the profile and notes I got up, very painfully put my sling back on and started out the door. I was done... The receptionist asked if there was a problem. I told her that he didnt read my profile. Her exact words to me: WELL HE DIDNT HAVE TIME...

My next visit to PT I saw the Supervisor again. Told her exactly what happened. She called this guy and wasnt very pleasant. A week later she told me that he no longer worked at that facility.

Since this day I have been in nothing but pain. Am still going to PT for passive ROM excercises but in a standing position I can not raise my arm at the shoulder straight out nor can I lift my arm in a straight position off of a table. If my arm is on a table I have to continuously reposition it with my other hand. I can raise my fore arm at the elbow, I can move my wrist around and I can wiggle my fingers.

My next visit to my Doc I told him exactly what happened on day 2 of PT. He was not happy. He called PT and went off.

I now have to have an Arthogram done because my Doc thinks that either A - this therapist on my second day has torn out everything that was repaired.... B - this therapist has torn my Labrum even more and possibly to the point that it may not be repairable that a partial shoulder now may have to be done.... or C- as weak as my shoulder was that day he may have possibly torn my rotator cuff....

I have gone through nothing but pain, stress, irritation, aggrevation, aggitation, and depression. I still have to sleep in a recliner because of how I sleep. This has put a real damper on my relationship with my wife, her 2 kids - ages 13 and 15, and my daughter who will be 9 on Veterans Day. Not only am I a Truck Driver but I am also a drummer. As of now all I get to do is sit, watch TV, play on my laptop and/or put puzzles together.

Now here is my question for ANYONE to answer. Has anyone ever had an Arthogram done and pain wise what can I expect. I mean do they numb the shoulder before they inject the dye? Is there any pain afterwards?

Thank You