View Full Version : Hip Flexion Nightmare

James Chambers
09-07-2012, 01:38 PM
So, I'm one of those low back/hammy people, have been diag'd with everything from bulging discs to piriformis syndrome to borderline Fibro...I had back pain for years, allegedly stemming from these "disc" issues (I've become super skeptical of disc diags; it seems like a throwaway thing with the numbers of folks who manifest differently) that disappeared and improved with CrossFit, more than anything else, but I kept having incredibly tight hammies, and consistent pain in the glute/piriformis/hammie area, sciatica kinda stuff, esp when going into locked knee hip flexion, i.e., forward bends, only on my left side.

Without about 30min of rolling, neural flossing and PNF stretching, I can barely touch my left ankle with a flat back. I've seen combos of chiros, ART, Rolfers, NMT, done feldenkrais, egoscue, yoga, and back when, I had MDs mess with it who basically give me painkillers and wanted me to do Cortisone. No thanks. There is no tear, no structural damage present on MRI.

Anyhow, I basically just decided to live with it, as I can perform most movements and functions well enough (bending over sucks), and can workout and still play sports, but today I noticed how messed up it still is: I've basically focused on strength work, mostly Olys/Squats, for about 5 months, first doing a squat cycle with no metcons for 6 weeks, and then doing essentially scaled outlaw, and I've seen nice, steady gains, albeit slow ones due to the wekanesses in my lower body. I've always been miles behind people my size and comparable level in fitness in Squats, Deads, Cleans, Snatches, so that is what it is, but today I went for a 1rm Deadlift for the first time in about 5-6 months, and I can't even touch 10lbs below my 1rm from back then, which was only 285, and I'm 165lbs and a gym owner who RXes about everything under the sun. I felt almost totally incapable of getting anything going on the posterior chain , esp on my left side, and that sciatic/hip flexion nastiness was super present. I can't figure out WTF this is, or how to go about doing anything about it. As I said, I've been to all of the above specialists, done every MWOD under the sun and did his cert, and also took like a month off, which just made it worse.

Any thoughts, anywhere?

Thanks, sorry the only time I ever post here is injury stuff (basically some morphing of this one!)


David Sigmon
09-07-2012, 02:39 PM
Well....****. I'm kind of in the same boat as yourself. I've been diagnosed with two slipped discs and deal with pain in my piriformis, hip flexors, groin area, lower back, and now my patellar tendons are killing me.

I believe my situation truly relates to being tight and stiff from the belly button down....well head to toe really...brought on my years of bodybuilding with little to no stretching to that time. For me, it appears that my hammies are so tight they pull my hips forward putting my low back in bad positions. Quads are tight and pull on my patellars etc.

So far the only thing that has helped has been weekly shiatsu massage. It kills me every time I go but the results have been fairly dramatic. If I skip a week, I can tell as it just gets worse and the pain keeps me awake at night. I went from being unable to do an overhead squat prior to shiatsu (due to mobility) to now being able to get into a groove and do them ok once warmed up.

Aside from that I've been sticking to mobility work twice daily for 15 to 20 minutes, rolling and stretching the key areas. I can't stretch immediately post wod as my patellars are normally inflammed and it hurts too bad.

If you find anything else out here let me know bc paying $75 a week for shiatsu is worth it but I'd like to resolve this stiffness and lack of mobility for good at some point. For now I'll just continue to put a huge effort in my stretching, rolling, and other means of staying "loose."