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Matthew Vesey
08-31-2012, 07:17 PM
Over the last many months-year, I have had a really weird situation going on with both of my shoulders. Using Fran as an example, the workout is spent at 30 out of a 10 point scale of pain. Thrusters with weights greater than 45 pounds are character building to say the least (In terms of pain).

What I don't understand is that shoulder press, HSPU, Push Press, Push Jerk, Snatches, Front Squats and any other lift, do not cause any pain at all. I do not understand how front squats do not hurt and push press do not hurt, but when they are combined together to make a thruster, they are excruciating. In regards to my numbers...I am lifting a lot more than 95 lbs. What is frustrating me is that something that is quite light for me is causing so much pain. I did the Outlaw conditioning workout tonite (involved 135# thrusters) and basically felt like I was going to pass out from the shots of pain. I fought through the workout and finished. Another thing that is weird is that after the shot of pain, it goes away immediately and does not bother me at all (Quick jolt, 5 seconds of radiating pain and then nothing at all).

If anyone has any theories that can possibly aid this issue or an idea of what is wrong would be greatly appreciated. The only thing I have thought about trying is K-tape or some super compression shirts.

Thanks in advance,

William Garrett
09-01-2012, 09:30 AM
I have something similar that happens only with thrusters also, and only thrusters. i can 300 FS 1RM, and 200 Strict press, no pain whatsoever with those two movements in a 80%-100% load efforts during a strength workout. However, like you, Thruster workouts are hit or miss.

With that being said, It feels like my pain comes from the upper part of the back of the tricep and into the rear deltoid/shoulder area, sometimes outer, radiating etc... Its in both shoulders. I have had broken collar bones in the past, and some mobility issues, and prior injuries in my youth that I think I shrugged off that cause me some issues.

Theory? I believe it has something to do with how your transitioning from the front squat position to the actual thrusting part of the movement and how your core is positioned. Everything is tied in obviously....I think it has something to do with how your muscles tie into your lats, lats to core and your core angle during that Thrust portion.

Solution? The grip for me isnt the same for a front squat as it for a optimized shoulder press or thruster you see this with olympic lifters as they re-adjust during the "bounce" between the clean and jerk setup. I have found to adjust my grip to my the widest possible for the thrust/press portion of the movement while still maintaining as much elbow up posture as possible during the squat portion.

If the pain is too much, and is actually making me stop the wod, I will almost pause/slow down the thrust to the very last possible spot and just press it overhead, which basically reverts it back to a sketchy movement in terms of "quality", and you give up alot of momemtum/efficiency.

I do alot of overhead stretching, banded work, tricep stretches etc, these seem to help alot, but havent solved it either. Once my pain flares up it lasts, and I usually end up icing after. Again, only thrusters do this to me, nothing else. Sorry if this is too much info, just throwing 2 cents out there.

Good Luck

Matthew Vesey
09-01-2012, 10:51 AM
Thanks a lot William! My Pain for me is in my anterior delt on both the right and left side rather than posterior delt. Thanks for the ideas!