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Teja Yenamandra
08-29-2012, 12:02 PM
Prolotherapy success

Figured I’d include some success – I know there’s a lot of people here dealing with joint related injuries.

So let’s start from the top, during 2010, I managed acquire torn menisci in both knees, a SLAP lesion in my right shoulder, a bankart lension in my left shoulder, a labral tear to my left hip and some ligament damage in my right hip (was too depressed to get it imaged properly). By the way, I’m in my early 20’s – so that sucked pretty badly. I went from decent strength numbers (400~ deadlift, 300~ squat @ 180 lbs) to not even being able to do a single bodyweight pull up or squat.

I ended up with surgery in my left shoulder (hurt the most) and considered the possibility of never lifting weight again. I decided to take my chances with prolotherapy for my other ailments because home PT and rest weren’t really helping my knees or hip, and my surgery costs, when inclusive of 3-4 months of physical therapy, ended up costing a ton of money anyway.

Months later, after around 3-4 rounds of injections in each painful joint (I showed the doc my imaging results, but he used palpation to identify injuries) and only physio-type exercises that addressed underlying muscle imbalances, etc. I can say that I’m approaching previous levels of strength. I can’t in full intellectually honesty attribute my success solely to the prolotherapy, but I can say that it definitely helped in getting me back to where I am now. I am still uncomfortable with loading the bar on the backsquat (puts my shoulders in an awkard position), but just last week I pulled 300 and my shoulders felt OK

I also found out that my hormones were out of whack (probably the underlying cause of my injuries), so I cut out caffeine to basically a cup of tea per day, no alcohol, cleaned up my diet drastically, and caught up on my sleep (from 4 hours per night to 8 hours – this required an extreme lifestyle change)

I am not sure if my injuries will come back since all prolo does for ligament injury is just help your body build scar tissue around the tear, but I am comfortable loading my body with decent levels of stress and I can actually be active around the house. My current routine is a mix of Eric Cressey’s recommendations for shoulders and compound exercises – still uncomfortable with doing anything with high tempo as well.

Anyway, figured I'd share that prolotherapy works, but I can’t say if it ‘lasts’ yet. What I really learned from this past year and a half is that severe injuries should also send a signal to you to initiate an investigation into potential underlying, systemic causes and not just into a tailspin to figure out how to fix the injury itself.