View Full Version : Head/Neck Sideways Tilt

Mauricio Leal
08-28-2012, 01:17 PM
Hey All,

I was hoping some of you might be able shed some light on one of my member's peculiar dysfunctions: she tilts her head noticeably sideways (to her left) when loaded in any lift. Just like when you ask a dog an interesting question (http://www.k9-crazy.com/blog/2009/june/group-shot/rufus-headtilt.jpg) (wfs) or make a weird sound.

It is most apparent in overhead ones but to some degree in all loaded movements, maybe even in unloaded ones but I haven't had the chance yet to test everything yet. Just yesterday I was taking pictures and videos of her last deadlift sets and it was very pronounced.

She wasn't aware of it until I pointed it out to her a few months ago (she went on a trip for the summer and just got back). She is in her mid 20s, just started teaching, was a collegiate water polo player, and doesn't have any major neck, back, or shoulder injuries she is aware of. We do lots of mobility/MWOD work and she has no major difficulties with any of it, although I haven't really done any neck specific work with the class.

Thanks in advance for any of your insights and/or experiences.