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Russell D Wells
06-06-2012, 07:22 AM
Title says it all. I have a pinched nerve from C3/C4. I am going on 2.5 weeks now. I have been to the box 3 times in the last 2.5 weeks. It is affecting my right shoulder. Plain and simple, this just sucks. I started back at the Chiropractor yesterday, and I am hurting worse today than I was two days ago ( I figured that would happen). Is this the course of treatment to take, or just leave it alone?

The injury happened during a Pull-up/Ground to Overhead/Burpee WOD.

Would like some of you all's thoughts.

Do I just need to stay away from the box until I am healed, or what do ya'll suggest.

I am going crazy.....

It is even hurting when running, double unders, rowing, forget pull ups, I am even listing to the right when doing front squat (can't get my right elbow as high as my left).

Brian Strump
06-06-2012, 11:43 AM
Are you guessing it's a "pinched nerve" Did you actually get an MRI to show that? If so, what did the report say?

#2....Your option of just leaving it alone will more likely lead to more trouble in the future. Whether it's the right chiropractor or not, we can't answer that yet.

Russell D Wells
06-06-2012, 12:11 PM
Are you guessing it's a "pinched nerve" Did you actually get an MRI to show that? If so, what did the report say?

Yes, MRI report stated:

Inflamed Soft tissue/ Tendonosis/Bursitis. No evidence of a tear in the rotator cuff, or surrounding tissue. The Dr. stated "Possible pinched nerve".

X-Ray at Chiropractor shows no bulging disc, or collapsed disc. My Chiropractor has a piece of equipment that measures muscle movement (best way I can describe it). The monitor on this equipment shows red lines at my C3/C4 moving to the right. He says that that is where my pinched nerve is. When he did my first adjustment yesterday, he said that it took 24% of a certain value to unstick the joint. You may or may not understand that terminology. I just know that I hurt more yesterday and this morning after the adjustment than I had in the last two days. This equipment is different than what he used to use. He used to use an "Activator", now the equipment he uses is like a small jack hammer. It give short little hits/bursts, and depending on how stuck the joint is, that determines how fast the little "Adjuster" moves.

Symptoms have been; weak arm (front outstretched arm lift), pain radiating from my neck to my shoulder, but nothing past my shoulder. No tingling down my arm. Range of motion still good, however it is slow when holding my arm outstretched to the side and I move it to over head.

Push-ups are good, forget wall-ball.

Brian Strump
06-06-2012, 07:11 PM
I know exactly what you're talking about. It's called the Pro Adjuster. Just like all tools, it's the skills of the technician that determines how you will improve.

What he's telling you is not a "pinched nerve". It's just a guess, at best.

Although a history would be helpful, it's more likely someone near you will be more of a help. Did the doctor discuss with you any rehab for the injury, or soft tissue techniques to help with your recovery?

Russell D Wells
06-06-2012, 08:37 PM
No one I have been to has discussed any type of anything with me. I have yet to find a Dr. that can tell me a definitive answer on what the problem is. I have been to a "Sports Medicine" Dr., who ordered the MRI, who also acted dumbfounded in regards to the weakness in the upward movement of the arm when pressure was applied downward on the arm. He was the first to mention a pinched nerve. I have been to an Airrosti Dr., which is along the lines of a Chiropractor, except they deal with soft tissue injuries. He told me that my Supraspinatus was not engaging, more than likely because of a pinched nerve. Two treatments from them, and I was getting no relief from pain, or any improvements in weakness. I did have my second Chiropractic Treatment today, and I do not hurt like I did, but the weakness is still there.