View Full Version : Rhabdo or what?

Matti Knaapi
05-31-2012, 02:57 PM

Ive been doing crossfit regularly for almost a year and a half. Week ago on friday I did Nutts wod and few hours from that I got really bad back pain around the area where kidneys are. Mid section of back. I also had pain under my pecs. I couldnt do anything to help the pain. Couldnt do anything actually, only sit still and have coldbags on my back. Was this rhabdo? I had no swelling, no weird colored urine. I did feel a bit confused from the agony and i recall I had diarrea even though my nutrition is almost spot on.

After wod i didnt drink water, only a recovery drink. Also, i went to sauna, which was dumb but i had done that numerous times before.
The whole workout for me was:

3k row, nutts and wendler military press.

For now Ive done nothing. I took a full week off and im going to workout tomorrow. I guess I feel fine but Im scared a lot. Am I a timebomb rightnow? One workout and rhabdo will blow fullout on me? Dont want that. Or was that just a really bad doms? Doms only feel when you use given muscle and not while resting? I felt the agony nonstop