View Full Version : Stress fracture from false grip?

Jeffrey S Engelhardt
08-30-2011, 11:26 AM
Has anyone encountered a stress fracture in the heel of their hand from doing a lot of work with a false grip on the rings?

I do a lot of muscle-up work (ususally a few strict every day for shoulder mobility, plus whenever they come up in a wod), and only go without a false grip if the wod calls for it. For the last few weeks the heel of my hand has been getting progressively sorer, as if I had a deep bone bruise. It's to the point now where a strict muscle-up is extremely painful.

I don't remember specifically hurting it at any one time, and I hasn't become bruised. Any thoughts?


Brent Sallee
08-30-2011, 02:25 PM
It doesn't necessarily have to be a stress fracture - due to the strength of the carpals in the average crossfitter, I'd say that's unlikely. What's more likely is something like a periosteal bruise. The periosteum is the layer around the bone itself. It's pretty sensitive and is actually what makes breaking bones so painful. Stop using the false grip for a bit and slowly work your way back into it. Reduce the volume with which you use your false grip overall and slowly start increasing it after that. Just take some time - if it doesn't ease a bit in a week, you might wanna get it checked out.