View Full Version : upper trap pain from kb's and hspu's

Augustine Castronovo
08-25-2011, 12:00 AM
greetings from afghanistan,

posted a little while back on the same injury, but don't seem to be getting anywhere. i have pain in my upper right trap after doing hspu's, kb swings, or kb snatches. i have completely nixed the hspu's, but can't even do kb's anymore. pain sort of connects between the trap and the neck.

i can go days/weeks without pain (as long as i don't do the exercises that bug it), but will feel a "stretching" pain caused by a KB downswing. this will be followed by 2-3 days of an aching, dull pain. just really the downswing.

after much googling, i think it's similar to upper crossed syndrome. i started stretching my chest and strengthening my mid and lower traps (farmer's walk, rows, better posture). this has eased some of the pain throughout the day, but i can't seem to kick this pain. also went to a physical therapist at fort bragg and didn't really learn much. she basically told me it's a muscle issue and not nerve.

is this bad form on the kb's? should i lay off them 100%?
continue with the mid back stuff?

any help would be appreciated!

ps. no spell check, please be understanding.

Pat Flynn
08-28-2011, 06:35 PM
How does overhead pressing feel?

Could be a variety of things going on - hard to tell without video reference or seeing you in person.

First thing would to check your shoulder approximity. Make sure you keep your lat engaged - scapula adducted and depressed - and shoulder packed both back and down into the socket.

Second thing is to watch our for cervical extension. If you are swinging with a lot of cervical extension then the weight tends to hang off your traps and c4 - c5 region, putting the neck under unnecessary load.

See if you can post up a video and I'd be happy to take a look