View Full Version : Returning to Crossfit afer injury

Ruth Seesink
08-22-2011, 01:12 AM
I'm just curious on how crossfitters who have been unable to train due to surgery or injury have coped with not training and what have they feared most on returning?
I may need surgery which is tenatively booked for next year. I am worried that I will struggle mentally with not being able to do any wods. I look forward to the workouts even when they are things that I really suck at. I already know that when I miss a day I feel like crap. I'm worried how I'll cope with having at least 4 weeks off.
I realise that although I will lose some strength, speed etc I can regain them once I start working out again, but not looking forward to having to recondition my hands to handle any bar work.
Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas?