View Full Version : Failed push press. mid back pain

Michael Zoda
06-03-2011, 08:16 AM
Yesterday I was doing 1rm push press. On my last and heaviest attempt, I failed to complete the rep. The weight got stuck overhead but I couldn't lock it out. With the weight overhead I began leaning backwards causing an extreme arch in my back. When I realized my momentum was heading backwards I dumped the weight but by then I had already strained my back.

The pain is mainly here. Probably more on the lower end of the area circled.

http://i.imgur.com/USuc1.png (wfs)

Its not too severe although it caused some restless sleep last night. It hurts mainly when I "bend" forward.

Could this just be a sprain? will good old RICE fix this up? I tried a lacrosse ball massage and that area was extremely sensitive.

Brent Sallee
06-04-2011, 06:44 AM
Is it a superficial or deep pain? Do you get any numbness or tingling anywhere (especially that you didn't have before)? It could very easily be a muscular strain (the superifical ligaments are actually on slack when you lean back so it shouldn't have bothered them) caused by too great of a contraction. Something like spinalis thoracis or any of the rotators - a muscular strain. RICE would be good, especially to get the healing process going. Once it starts to feel a bit better, some really light foam rolling (perhaps with a slightly unloaded torso using pull-up bands), some light strengthening exercises, and light stretching will get you going. As to why it strained at that given spot, that's something that could be inherent to you like an immobile or hypermobile motion segment. May need to get that addressed to avoid it in the long haul.