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Ian Moug
05-19-2011, 04:34 PM
Well now that I've got that out just after some advice and ideas. Two days ago I broke two bones in my left hand, not training related btw, have seen the doc and basically been told I'm looking at a Six week healing time. This has really put me on a downer, I'd just started ramping up my training and was seeing some really good gains in the gym. Now as much as this is a vent of frustration I'm wondering if anyone has had to deal with this sort of injury and how they modified training. I'm looking at staying clear of any pt requiring grip strength for 3 weeks and then see how it feels. So till then I'm in search of some ideas, do I hit the cardio hard , or do sit ups till I die lol, just kidding but any ideas would be great.
I've basically been following the mainsite strictly for the last six months with a big SEALfit workout once every couple of weeks, I would really like to minimise the regress I might have in the next 6 weeks.

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.


Brent Sallee
05-19-2011, 05:39 PM
Do a lot of leg stuff, unilateral arm stuff. You can still use your elbow and shoulder - you just have to be creative about it. Also, you're looking at at least 4-6 weeks of no grip exercises, in all likelihood, not the three you suggest. Bone healing as a whole takes a LOT longer than soft tissue. You won't be completely healed until about a year later. You're gonna have to be careful for a couple of months, but like I said, if you're creative, you don't have to lose aything.

Aaron Gainer
05-19-2011, 06:32 PM
Work those pistol squats!!!!

Stephen Smith
05-19-2011, 10:26 PM
I'm in the same boat, broke my arm snowboarding last month. Frustrating because I was just getting going on 70's big, but I've taken the opportunity to work hard on metcon and running. I have worked in some strength stuff though... Lots of dumbbell presses and bench, front and overhead squats, suitcase deadlifts. Also 1-armed pull ups and dips with assistance machine. It seems to be at least limiting my strength loss, and my metcon has actually improved a bit. 2 more weeks with the cast and I can finally start getting strength back.

Tim Crane
05-20-2011, 10:31 AM
Sorry to hear, but most of us that are active are going to suffer such physical set backs. If I may, I'll share two exercise tools that I have found very useful in rehabilitating my injuries.

1. The Dyna Flex handheld gyroscope.
2. The Bodyblade Pro.

You can Google these items to learn more about them.

Not too long ago, I had pain in my right forearm/bicep area that manifested a day after doing weighted pull-ups. This pain prevented me from doing many exercises, and it seemed like it just was not going to completely heal from the normal healing remedies like Rest, Ice, and Elevation. Then I stumbled upon the Dyna Flex handheld gyroscope. I learned how to use it (not an easy task) and started using it a few times a day. After a few weeks, the pain in my right forearm/bicept area was completely gone!

I know Mark Rippetoe & Lon Kilgore talk about how muscles repair themselves and that sometimes (depending on the injury) doing nothing is not the best way to repair the injured muscle. If I remember correctly, the heart muscle was mentioned and a comparison to how it can suffer damage, yet continue to function, strengthening the surrounding fibers next to the injured fiber(s), which then allows it to continue to strengthen and remain functional. Something about blood flow to the muscle fibers and the contracting of the uninjured fibers.

I also read from another source that our joints are best rehabilitated through isometric contractions of the surrounding muscles. So I am thinking that by properly training through some injuries, one can effectively repair and rehabilitate. It worked for me with the forearm/bicept injury using the Dyna Flex handheld gyroscope.

Another tool I have used in rehabilitating nagging shoulder injuries is the Bodyblade Pro. It effectively stimulates the muscle fibers in an isometric-quick flex sort of way. Forgive me in the use of such laymen terms, but this device is very good at rehabilitating the shoulder joint. Itís also a great way to warm up before a WOD. And NO, I have no financial interest in either device, just found them very useful tools in my quiver of rehabilitative tools I use from time to time. Pray you heal quickly!