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Demyan Khrolenko
05-04-2011, 07:54 PM
Hello all my fellow crossfit warriors,
what a wonderful community I feel blessed to be a part of.
Full of inspirational people who persevere through injuries much worst than mine.

Ok so about 10 days ago I fractured my fifth metatarsal in my dominant. This is known as a boxers fracture.
I have no health insurance or financial support so I haven't been to a ortho. I still have been going to work with it, doing everything that doesn't bother my hand too much. I help run a pizza shop.
I am currently taping the wrist for support in a neutral position and buddy taping the ring and pinky finger together but some cotton in between.
The chiropractor who x-rayed me for 40 bucks said "it's mostly a clean break with slight displacement."
It is still in the healing process and my hand is slightly swollen but when I go to close my fist the pinky finger bends towards the ring finger.
This is known as malrotation. It may cause a loss of grip strength.
I have read some doctors saying it could eventually straighten over time and it wont cause noticeable loss of grip strength.
And some doctors saying it will cause a significant loss of grip strength and it will never straighten unless I have it re-broken and surgically fixed.
Has anybody ever dealt with a situation similar to this that can give me some insight to the outcome. Anybody out there crossfiting with a crooked pinky?? Anyone out there who had a boxers fracture and did not have it surgically corrected??
Thanks for taking the time to read my story.
one love.

Everett Steinbarger
05-05-2011, 07:48 PM
Anyone out there who had a boxers fracture and did not have it surgically corrected??

There is a difference between a Boxer's Fracture (Fx), and a Boxer's Fx with rotation.

If that Fx heals in a mal-rotated position, your grip and strength will suffer.

You need to be evaluated by someone who fixes this type of injury on a regular basis, an Orthopedic Surgeon. Get this fixed if it needs to be fixed and get on with your life.