View Full Version : Front knee pain.

Vince Mannella
04-14-2011, 09:37 PM
Getting a pain in my knee just below the knee-cap after running or doing squats. Stretching out my IT bands helps a bit.
I have been running the same amount I normally do but I have upped my frequency and weight in the squat and deadlift.


In the area of the "anterior cruciate ligament"

Nothing traumatic has happened to my knee...just all of a sudden after a run it was stiff.
What can it be?

Brent Sallee
04-14-2011, 11:16 PM
It's most likely patellofemoral joint pain - that's the articulation between your knee cap and the femur (bone in your thigh). It sounds to me that you're having lateral tracking issues. Is your knee cap positioned toward the outside of your knee? How about when you start to go into a slight squat? Honestly though, you already know a big portion of treating it - loosen up the lateral structures attaching to the knee. That means foam roll the IT band, vastus lateralis, and do some medial glides of the patella itself. Quit whatever makes it symptomatic for a few days and really work on the rehab. Foam roll, but not to bruising.

An ACL would create instability and deeper knee issues throughout most ranges of motion, would result in significant swelling, and would create an unstable knee. You'd know if you hurt your ACL :) Those don't tend to be insidious onset.

You should be fine overall though. Foam roll over stretch, IMO, for the patellofemoral pain. If it doesn't start to alleviate, degeneration could've occurred within the joint and you may have to see a PT for more directed therapy. Good luck.