View Full Version : Knee pain, possible meniscus issue

Erik Cisler
04-06-2011, 10:36 AM
A couple days ago, while on my last squat work set, I tweaked my left knee. I think the descent into the hole was too fast. I got the weight back up without issue, but upon racking the bar immediately felt pain in the lateral/posterior portion of my left knee. Flexing the knee (if i were to, say, touch my heel to my butt) exacerbated the pain. Later that night, straightening it also hurt.

Did a bunch of foam rolling/lacrosse balling the surrounding tissues. There were a lot of tight spots but the knee pain persisted.

Next day, the pain was still there. I could squat to just above parallel, but no lower. I could get a few degrees shy of full knee extension. Knee extension hurt more with my foot on the ground (as opposed to sitting in a chair, lifting my leg, and extending the knee). Walking felt fine.

Two days later, I can still walk without pain. I can squat to parallel without pain, albeit with a bit of tightness. I could go lower, but I'm sensing a dull pain lurking there. Straightening the leg hurts a bit, but again, it's dull. I don't think I can quite lock out the knee, though, due to tightness. If I stand on my right leg and repeatedly flex and extend my left knee, it will occasionally click and pop - no pain though. Overall, the pain is a lot duller than yesterday.

I've been taking fish oil, icing, and throwing some heat in there as well. I'm foam rolling, walking and doing bodyweight squats, taking care to avoid pain. I don't have health care - though that should change pretty soon.

Any thoughts? Am I missing anything? Are these sound tactics until I can get it checked by a professional? Should I stay off my feet, or is just avoiding pain while maintaining activity better?

Thanks in advance.