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Brock Tucker
10-05-2010, 06:10 AM
My shoulder has decided to give me some problems. I'm pretty sure that I injured it doing dips (assisted) and/or push-ups, probably due to bad form. As you'll see in the attached picture, I don't have a lot of muscle on my upper body, but I have excellent mobility from years of practicing yoga (and I play a lot of tennis).

I have always struggled with the body weight exercises. I learned to kip last year, and I always start to get really going with Crossfit, and then either my neck or my shoulder starts bothering me, and then I'm out for a while. I can never seem to make much progress upper body.

The exrx.net articulations that give me trouble are shoulder flexion & transverse flexion (not severe pain on either or any really) & scapula abduction & scapula depression. It's not so much acute pain, but I feel like there's just no strength there at all. And it's not pain in the scapula at all...it's where my finger is thrust in my shoulder complex in the picture.

Long story short: my shoulder is stiff/sore right where my finger is. I'm taking the R.Wolf recommended dosage of fish oil, alternating ice/heat, and resting. I rested the shoulder for 5 days, and because it felt 100%, I did one day of a shoulder rehab protocol (very light) with YTWLs found on T-nation. Lo and behold, it's stiff again. Stretching/massage/myo self release all feel great, but I'm afraid to work out & play tennis. I'm really afraid I'm torn (RC or SLAP lesion). I have excellent ROM though.

Unfortunately, I can't go to an orthopedic right now.

Attachment is WFS.

Steven Low
10-05-2010, 10:46 AM
Get it checked out by an ortho.

By the spot of your finger and the exercises that hurt I would initially think long head biceps tendinopathy is likely though.

If it's deeper it could possibly by a SLAP or labral issue though... definitely get it checked out

Brock Tucker
10-05-2010, 11:20 AM
Thank you, Steven. There's not any inflammation that I can discern, but any shoulder work at all makes it feel stiff & sore, and not in a DOMS-type way.

Brock Tucker
10-06-2010, 08:15 AM
Saw a doc today. Gave him the history, he ran me through the articulations, and said it is most likely tendinitis. I'll go see an ortho when I get home.

Steven Low
10-06-2010, 01:44 PM
Yeah we'll see. I wouldn't expect anything but chronic tendonitis from the "stiff, sore, achy"ish feelings... but you never know. Always good to get a professional opinion on it

Ari Sherwood
10-09-2010, 05:02 AM
If it's indeed tendinitis, which is what I have battled as well (supraspinatus tendinopathy), check out Kelly Starrett's four part series in the Crossfit Journal on shoulder mobilization. It has been a HUGE help to me.

Here's part 1:

http://journal.crossfit.com/2010/06/kstarr-2min-1.tpl {wfs}
but check out all 4 (subscription required to see the vids, but trust me - it's well worth it!)

His techniques have essentially ended the pain for me. I can now kip and press overhead freely without discomfort. Get yourself 2 lacrosse balls and a band for stretching, do the drills, and it could make a big difference.

Brock Tucker
10-09-2010, 09:38 AM
Thank you kind sir...done.