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Shane Gibson
07-30-2010, 12:57 PM
About 3 weeks ago, my heel started hurting. I had done FGB earlier that day, had actually PR'd and felt great. About 2 hours after the WOD I starting getting mild pain in the base of my heel on my left foot. Over the course of the next several hours the pain became extreme where I could barely walk. I started icing and stayed off of it as much as I could. For 2-3 days it was extreme pain, limping etc. I took about 2 weeks off from exercise (other than really mild stuff, rowing, etc) to heal up, other than of course needing to walk and run my classes at my affiliate. After the first few days it starting getting better, but has pretty much stayed in the mild to moderate pain range since then. It has it's good days and bad days, but never went away. Many have said Plantar Fasciitits, but that just doesn't seem to fit. No pain in my arch at all. The pain is localized to the base of my heel and the right side of my heel on my left foot. I have since gotten irritated with not being able to exercise and have gotten back after it this week, just ignoring the pain (I know, stupid, but I couldn't take it anymore). It is at it's worst right after a WOD with running or double unders, etc. But it never goes away, pain with every step, before, during and after WODs. I am icing, stretching, have seen a chiro, rolled my foot regularly, everything I can think of and everything my chiro has recommended. I just can't figure out what the problem is and I am getting pretty frustrated as it is becoming a pretty major thorn in my side in my WODs, not too mention life in general. Any help or advice is much appreciated.

Steven Low
07-30-2010, 06:28 PM
Actually plantar fasciitis pain is most commonly where the plantar aponeurosis inserts into the calcaneus..... not in the arch.

For example, wfs

If the "red" area (aka heel where the plantar fascia/aponeurosis inserts to the bone) is where you're having most of your pain it's likely to be some form of overuse.... it could be PF or possibly bone spur or avulsion... depending ont he degree of overuse, impact, etc.

I would definitely get a confirmed diagnosis and rest AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

You don't want to keep aggravating it as that will lead to more degeneration and possibly permanent injury (if it's PF then bone spurring and all that stuff can happen if continued)

Stretch out the calves, heat htem up, do some PNF on them. That's the major thing.

Calm down inflammationw ith good diet and fish oil.


some other soft tissue work that may help in this article wfs

Shane Gibson
07-30-2010, 06:49 PM
Thanks. I must have misread all the other stuff I found. My pain is definitely in the two most common locations. My chiro had also decided it was PF, I just wasn't convinced. I guess I will go back to modifying my programming to give the foot a break. It's just really frustrating, but I don't want anything permanent. My chiro is going to make me some custom orthodics as well, he is a friend of mine and had PF and swears by the othodics.

Pardon my ignorance, what is PNF?

Thanks again.

Steven Low
07-30-2010, 11:00 PM
pnf = proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.

I'm not really a fan of orthotics because it doesn't really fix the problem... although in the case of PF it can in some cases.

But if the PF is arising from a biomechanical fault it can easily come back again until that is corrected.

I had no clue if that's teh case or not so.... I don't know. Orthotics are definitely fine to help you recover though but dont expect them to eliminate it completely especially when you get back into stuff unless it really was overuse.