View Full Version : Insect Bite on Calf

Carlos Cristan
07-19-2010, 07:36 AM
I came out of field training on the 1st of July where apparently I was bit by an insect of some sort on the lower portion of my calf and wasn't aware of it. I'm guessing spider but don't know. I only noticed the bite after my wife rubbed my calf out when I experienced some severe muscle soreness after a 4 mile run. I did a week of anti-inflammatory and then ran a week later. It was worse. On the first run I started to experience severe muscle soreness at the 2 mile mark and today I felt even worse at the 1/2 mile mark. Went in to see the PA and he put me on Keflex 250mg, 2 tablets twice a day for 10 days. He said heat would help bring any absess to the surface so it could be drained. Can anyone provide any more insight into this? Anything I should be doing or concerned about. I'm afraid that if it is something like a brown recluse bite that the venom may be eating away at my tissue. I started the Keflex this morning and I'm also going to take some Motrin for pain as I can barely walk. The pain is pretty severe and runs from the bottom of my calf to the top of my ankle.

Steven Low
07-19-2010, 04:32 PM
I think you should probably get a second opinion from a doc if you have any questions about this...