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Dan Rotatori
06-25-2010, 12:53 PM
Ok so I have been having some pain in my tailbone area. It is a little off to the left but kind of hard to locate. It started during my lacrosse season and some days it would be so bad I had to sit a practice out cuz i couldnt run. It would be fine walking around and as soon as i started to sprint and change direction it started to hurt extremely bad. I then got mono and was out of working out for 2 weeks i thought this 2 week span would be enough to heal it. So i came back about a week ago and all was well again i was heavy squatting and deadlifting no problem...Then i did a workout with heavy thrusters in them and the next day i had sprints and as soon as i did my first sprint i started to feel it again. It was really dull but it was there i was able to finish the sprints. So that brings me to today i did the sprints earlier today and im about to do soem deadlifts i feel fine again it was just during the sprints....Also i am not sure what caused this pain in the first place. Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks.

Steven Low
06-26-2010, 09:29 PM
See a chiro or PT.

Based on the info I think you somehow rotated or slipped your SI joint to one side, or aggravated some of your pelvic floor muscles.

Either way, you likely need to see a lumbo-pelvic person who can do an analysis on you to see what's up.