View Full Version : Box jumps/back spasms

Anthony Ricci
12-18-2009, 12:40 PM
Hey any DC's or PT's - I am DC with knife clasp L5-S1 and old HNP healed L5. I was box jumping and on landing after 20 at 18 " box -back went into spasms -any excercises to help- I have some hamstring / ankle inflex issues I am working passed. Thanks for any advice.

Mike Mallory
12-18-2009, 01:33 PM
A lot of things necessary to get ot the bottom of that one;

is your disk injury fully healed? Doesn't sound like the issue is cleared if you still have hamstring ROM deficits
How's your standing lumbar curvature?
Did you regain the segmental stability there at the site of disc injury/knife clasp deformity?

If you've lost stability in the area, high speed movements will definitely show it as higher speed will necessitate higher joint stability. Make sure to adapt your exercise variables for your body's ability to stabilize itself.

You've got an injury with multifaceted treatement protocols that should be individually based. Exercises are only good if they bring your own body towards balance.....and we don't know your individual measurements, or why your back has gone out.

Get an assessment by someone-