View Full Version : Plantar Fascitis/Heel Spur + Bilat. Patella Tendinitis

Brian Dolan
11-13-2009, 12:43 PM
So, I haven't been around or doing much the last few months because of some chronic pain issues. I finally went to the docs last week for Eval/Treatment and hopefully I'll get over the hump and back to training.

Went to the Pod. and got my foot X-Rayed and lo and behold, I apparently have a Sharks Tooth growing out of the bottom of my heel. I honestly though the foot pain was just the result of being almost 40 and big and was something I would just have to deal with. Some people get Plantar Fasciitis without a "Heel Spur" but mine went untreated a bit longer than recommended so I got a cortisone injection right then as well as some orthotics for my shoes. It has helped tremendously and if I still feel good next month, I may not need surgery, but we'll see.

Next was the Orthopod. Again, I thought the Knee pain was only a result of LOTS of physical activity, age, and maybe arthritis. Well, both knees got Xrayed with no damage found, so its "Tendinitis". Got a new type of Medication delivered through something called iontophoresis which eliminated the need for any needles, and starting to feel better. I still plan on joining an affiliate come Hell or high water in December, and hopefully will be able to work out pain free!

Till then, I do WODs every 3rd day and sub out anything including jumping and try to get right.

So the moral of the story is, if you feel pain, don't ignore it, it'll only get worse. Get it checked, get treated, and don't procrastinate.

Steven Low
11-13-2009, 01:41 PM
Keep working the muscles in the bottom of your foot as well as stretching out your calves. Ice and massage too.

Ideally, you would not need the orthotics in the future.

As for the knee... yeah. Rest, ice, massage. Strengthen your hammies and stretch out your quads/TFL/ITband.

Todd Angel
11-20-2009, 09:35 AM
Brian, I feel you. I am now in a boot (Cam Walker) to fix some lingering achilles issues. I too should have got it treated earlier-just chalked it up to turning 38. As far as your WOD'as go; how do you program for alot of upper body/one legged stuff? Thanks in advance.