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Marc Ackerman
09-15-2009, 08:46 AM
Any advice from the community would be appreciated. Here is the cause of the injury. Also, keep in mind I have the Level 1 cert upcoming this weekend. Figures this would happen less than 2 weeks out...

I practice CrossFit WOD's 3 - 5 days per week and also Tae Kwon Do 3x per week. I performed a spinning axe kick and my support foot slipped out from under me on some sweat on the floor where the seams/tape meet. That caused me to shift forward and slam my kicking foot full force into the mat below me, being unable to pull the kick back with no resistance or support. As I sat on the floor for a few seconds, I reached out to touch my tibia because I thought I had broken it or my ankle. I figured the adrenaline had delayed the onset of the immense pain which was coming. Fortunately, it wasn't broken and have no bruising or swelling to speak of. I iced it hard the first night so that may have cut the initial swelling from happening.

I am 40 yo, 6'4", 265# in case that means something other than my foot hit really hard...

I am now 1 week post injury and my tibia is sore right above the ankle, where it narrows most. I also have aching/slight twinges of pain running up through the anterior region and to the outer region of my calf. NSAID's seem to take the edge off of the dull ache that I have throughout the day. Light bouncing on the balls of my feet grows increasingly painful as I continue the movement, so running is a poor option at this point. I am also concerned with any OLY lifts for the upcoming weekend. I have done very little weight or lower body work since the injury.

Any thoughts?

Everett Steinbarger
09-15-2009, 09:22 AM
Our work-out regimens are similar. I do CF in the AM's and TKD at night a few times a week.

The force generated with any of the spinning kicks is no joke. With that much force coming down, you really need to be checked out. It is possible that you have a fracture.

Had you been having any tibial pain prior to the injury? One of the things that comes to my mind, is that it is entirely possible that you have a stress fracture.

Marc Ackerman
09-15-2009, 09:48 AM
Thanks Everett,

Fortunately, no pain prior to this injury, other that both shins kill me when I put in roadwork of any distance, due to my size.

I guess I am really trying to rule out the stress fracture piece. It has crossed my mind more than once, but I almost would have expected to have seen some kind of discoloration, swelling, etc., if something were cracked or broken? And if it is a stress fracture, what would be the treatment, other than staying off of it?

Anybody have any experience with applying a shin/calf type of support brace for recovery?

Steven Low
09-15-2009, 09:55 AM
Yep, I'd get it checked out.

Initially, I would guess it's just a compression type injury where bone rubbed on bone.. possibly a bone bruise. But what Everett said can be true.

Best bet would be going to an ortho for xrays

Everett Steinbarger
09-15-2009, 10:49 AM
Yeah, I'm not as big as you are, but even at 5'11" and 204, I had to give up marathons. I felt like a rhino. I eventually ended up with both tibia's having stress fractures, as well as stress fx's in my feet......all at the same time. My 5K time was 18:30, but the pain afterward just wasn't worth it to me.

Before you settle on a diagnosis, make sure you havea good Ortho check-up. Nothing foils recovery like a wrong diagnosis.

If it a stress fracture, the recovery is absolutely no fun. I had to take 8weeks off from running before my pain was gone. I didn't restart running for another 2 weeks after the pain had left. Learned how to swim in that time period.

Since then I have embraced my rhino-hood. No more distance running for me.

The new type shoes, such as Vibram Five Fingers, have me really curious about getting back into some running though..........