View Full Version : Bah, pulled something trying HSPUs; how to prevent?

Victor Putz
11-10-2007, 02:39 AM
Well, I feel pretty silly, as I clearly brought this on myself... working on HSPUs so I decided to swap them in for dips in my CFWU, forgetting that if I'm working on what to me is a very difficult motion, that's probably not what I want to use as a "warmup" first thing in the morning...

Anyway, sure enough something twanged in my shoulder/neck region and I've got that deal where some reaches and some neck motions HURT LIKE HELL. Ibuprofen makes it livable, and I've had this before and it does go away eventually (already feeling better after one day, so I'm passing on today's WOD and resting tomorrow too, and that should fix it I hope). And searching the boards, looks like I'm not exactly the first person to do this.

But I'm a little vague on what to do to prevent it. I'm guessing that properly warming up would help (although I've done plenty of GTG-style 1-2 rep HSPUs without warmup, but maybe those were later in the day), but are there good stretches to use here, or good techniques to ease the current excruciating pain? I saw some references to SMR, but I can't find a foam roller for the life of me here. I could probably get tennis balls, but I'm not sure even where to use them.