View Full Version : Back: Confused and need an opinion.

Max Seid
11-04-2007, 09:37 AM
I made a post about a month ago regarding my lower back. I have been to physical therapy and was doing pilates regulary, and now I am only seeing a chiropractor which has helped a tremendous amount. I was diagnosed with a leg length discrepency of 17mm (which is very large). After 4-5 weeks of chiropractic treatment and wearing a 1/2 inch heel lift regularly, my discrepency has reduced from 17mm to 4-5mm. I feel like my back has been improving a ton. I no longer get very sore during or after the WOD. And whenever I do heavy squats, I am seeing gains nearly every attempt.

Before my back became a problem my deadlift was maxing at about 365# and I am a 170#M. I have been staying away from doing deadlifts because they directly involve your back. Yesterday I attempted to do heavy deadlifts for the first time in a while. I did 5x5 and only went up to 225#. This morning my back is pretty sore.

Here is what I am confused about. I dont know whether or not to think that my back is sore just because I have had a bad back or because I just havent done deadlifts nor much heavy back strengthening excercises in a while. My pain isn't sharp pins or heavy aching, it just feels sore.

Any feedback helps.


Dennis Marshall
11-04-2007, 01:06 PM
I have been deadlifting consistently for over 15 years and I still get sore after max efforts and high rep (i.e. Diane) deadlift workouts. Without knowing all that much about your particular situation, I'd say the soreness is a normal result of reintroducing the lift.

Aileen Reid
11-04-2007, 06:45 PM
Plus you're probably going through what I am also going through. That is I'm presuming it just takes a while for everything to adjust. Bits of you are moving now in ways they haven't for a while. And possibly some of them are wanting to go back to their old ways! So it takes time. I ran this morning after having realigned my pelvis when I got up but ended up getting left hip ITB pain and left kneecap pain which I know tells me I'm not aligned correctly. So possibly the fact that I haven't done much the last 4 days including my core stuff is the problem.

I think you'll find its an ongoing process of management. I know I can squat easier than I can deadlift. I can do lunges easier still and also leg presses. Time and ongoing management of my (and your) core etc should see problems resolve over time.