View Full Version : Shoulder injury ?!

Laura Kurth
10-26-2007, 10:35 AM
Hi all, this is my first post on the forum. (24yo female 5'2 104lb)

I have been doing crossfit for a while now, usually scaling workouts due to my girly weakness. Two days ago i pushed myself through 'Fran' as rx'd, it took forever and was super hard for me. I am of course suffering a lot from it.

As well as the expected muscle pain, I am experiencing some shooting pain down my upper arms from the shoulder caps. Is it possible i could just be in need of more rest or does it sound like i injured myself? Yesterday i was weak and tired, today i still feel pretty tired even though i slept a lot. Usually one day rest is enough for me but I think i may need more this time.

Any input is appreciated :)

Wade Smith
10-26-2007, 01:17 PM
I got same thing from the killer HSPU/RingDip/Pushup WOD a few wks back. Turns out the advice (I read and rec'd from other posts) was excellent: Tennis ball pressure massage on back of shoulder, ice shoulder, Ibuprofen a few days, then "shoulder dislocate" exercises brought the impingement back to normal quickly. Hope you have excellent luck as well. Rest.

Steve York
10-26-2007, 01:45 PM
What would these stretches do?

1. Lying face down on floor, place hand into small of back with palm facing ceiling. Keeping hand in small of back, move elbows towards the ceiling.

2. Side lying on floor with upper arm of shoulder closest to ground at 90 degrees to body. Forearm from elbow to fingertips vertical from floor to ceiling. use other hand to push back of hand towards the floor.

Hope your recovery eating was adequate to replenish the amount of energy that you expended? Maybe it was your body telling you "what the .... was that?"

Laura Kurth
10-26-2007, 08:34 PM
thanks guys, i have been icing and taking ibuprofen. I also did the stretches suggested.

The shoulder pain that i referred to (the shooting or pinching pain) is impossible to recreate on purpose.. the stretches i feel in my shoulders but they didn't cause a shooting pain. The pain occurs at random it seems. Its been a couple of hours now since i felt it though so maybe the icing/pills are working :)

i hate missing the WODS.. there will be no cleans for me tomorrow that is for sure :ranting2:

Steve York
10-27-2007, 12:13 AM
Shooting pain suggests to me that the pain is radiating to another location. Maybe it's a neural impingement?

Some upper neural stretches:

1. The Penguin - arms beside your body with your fingers pointing away from you at 90 degrees so that your palms face the floor (wrist extended). With your wrist extended abduct your arms away from your body.

2. The Backhander - arms behind you with your wrists flexed in line with your back pocket. Push your arms back in a 45 degree angle away from body.

3. Hands on hip (aka disgruntled woman) - fingertips on hips with palms facing the floor and elbows pointed away. Push palm towards the floor.

4. No name - fingertips under side of jaw with wrist extended and palm facing the face. Elbow pointed away from the body out to the side. Push elbow backwards.

Try these with your affected shoulder.