View Full Version : Shin splints and stress from jumping

Alicia Michel
10-13-2007, 04:24 AM
I've been doing Kelly Baggett's Vertical Jump program for 5 weeks now. It consists of two workouts a week.

The first 4 weeks involved 2-5 sets of
10 reps high object jumps
10 reps lunge jumps (each leg)
5 reps depth jumps from a height of 18 inches
5-12 reps jump squats
Full squat

The next 4 weeks involves 2-5 sets of
One-leg box jumps
Box squat jumps
Depth jumps
Jump squats
Full Squat

This week I had pain throughout my left shin a couple of times, each episode lasting about 5s. I had shin splints from walking around in flip flops. Should I stop this jumping program? What are the chances of getting stress fractures if I continue?

George Mounce
10-13-2007, 06:01 AM
Your shin splints are probably from not being used to dorsiflexing your toe. (Something that naturally occurs during jumping and landing). Your calves are probably overpowering the muscle in your shin.

If you have noticed it from running - I'd say you were a heel striker. POSE would fix that right up.

RICE your shins and make sure you are getting enough recovery between jumping workouts.

Steven Low
10-13-2007, 10:22 AM
Here's how I fixed my anterior tibialis weakness problems:

get a backpack or any other type of weight you can hang. Put it on your toe and sit on a counter. Then lift your toes up for a rep and do like you regularly do any exercise for X amount of sets and Y amount of reps.

I'm pretty sure rice bucket would work for this as well but I've never tried it.. hmm, that's a good idea actually..