View Full Version : Mid-back Pain w/ Jerks

Ben Moskowitz
09-09-2007, 02:15 PM
I think I've found the solution to my problem, I guess I would just like throw out my experience so others don't suffer.

I was doing squat clean & push jerks as part of the WTFO burpees for a workout two days ago.

On one rep I jerked the bar a little backwards, and rather than letting it go, I sort of leaned back and brought back in front of me. Not a good idea. There's a good reason why O-lifters maintain a vertical and neutral spine as I now know.

so later that night I was feeling some pain right in the mid-back, probably T10-T12 area. Still have it, although less so.

Anyway, what I've found that helps me is deep myofascial massage with a golf ball on the ground on either side of my spine where it hurts. I combine this with the Press Ups for Back Pain as described in Get Up! Vol. 1 issue 11. These two things seem to help.