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Fiona Muxlow
07-23-2005, 03:49 PM
Just when i was getting back on my feet i got droped on my butt, well thrown on the point of my shoulder, the good one.Bad ones almost 100% again
Happened round 25 of 40,which i finished :-), lucky for me i was able to hold the arm in a guard, just couldn't punch with it.

Initially we thought it was dislocated but after a visit to emergency, some x-rays etc found out its "just" soft tissue damage. Still hurts like a B*^#$ though.
I will try to get into phsyio monday, doc says they can tell more once swelling goes down.

Has anyone had a similar injury? Landed on point of shoulder possibly damaged ligaments around the AC joint and may have sublaxed my clavicle(popped out then in).How long will rehab take?

The worst thing though, finished and passed grading so that all ok and the sling's kind of cool. But now i have to wait even longer to play on my rings :-(, they arrived monday but i promissed my MMA coach i wouldn't use them till after grading so i didn't risk agrrivating the injury in my right shoulder.

Oh well back to the squats and single arm trusteres and snatchs etc. I actually think doing these on my left arm while my rights been sore helped prevent the injury being worse then it is.I know all the squats over the last month helped my legs withstand the onslaught, and the "girls" helped me relise the pain wouldn't last, well except for in my shoulder. CrossFit rocks

Fiona Muxlow
07-27-2005, 02:22 AM
Saw physio today, looks like im out for 4 weeks, cann't even run for at least 2 due to the impact.
And absolutly no pull ups or dips.NOT HAPPY!!!!It's still really swolen and sore and he found a mark on the x-ray that he's said might mean that even thought i didn,t fracture the bone all the way i my have "dinted" or "chipped" the clavical or something like that.
On the up side, i have no excuss now for not working on my one arm pushups.

Karl Steadman
07-27-2005, 06:40 AM
Fiona, i'm afraid i have no experience of this injury, but i just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery!

From that last post you got the right attitude to see the enforced abscence through!

Chin up...

Fiona Muxlow
07-27-2005, 07:53 PM
Thanks, but there not allowed,chin ups :-), that is.
But the one arm pushups are going well, did 10 yesterday only 5 i would class as legal, elbow angle 90 degrees or less, though.
They seen to be so much easier now they are my only option.

Don Stevenson
07-27-2005, 08:09 PM
Hey Fiona, hope you get better fast!

I did something to my shoulder last week too but i can't figure out when i did it.

Have fun working on the OAPU

Fiona Muxlow
07-27-2005, 10:23 PM
Thanks,I know exactly what i did to mine, watched the video this morning, in slow motion :-(.
Oh well its the nature of the sport,and the adrielin helped numb the pain of the leg kicks in the last 15 rounds.

On the Up side i did finally get one of my friends along to the Cardio Kickboxing Classes, She's a 3 time para-olympic swimmer and was only born with her right arm. She has wanted to try kickboxing (fitness work) for a while but felt it unfair on whoever she was paired with because she thought she could't hold the pads for a two handed partner.
We paired in tuesday nights classes,and she loved it.Even where able to workout how she could work the pads for a two handed partner after class.

Fiona Muxlow
07-29-2005, 01:57 AM
Can reach my arm up to the sky today with out having to lift it with the other :-). Still hurts all the time and cann't rotate it but the swelling is finally going down.

Start back training tomorrow but will have to modify EVERYTHING.
Bike not run and single arm dumbbell thrusters.
QUESTION Should i double the WOD distance if im biking rather than running?

Don Stevenson
07-30-2005, 12:37 AM
if you are a 5 min/km runner 5 min on a bike will give you about 2-2.5km so you'll need to adjust the distances accordingly.

Fiona Muxlow
07-30-2005, 01:17 AM
I used combination of time for distance and HR today. Used the spin bike so have no idea of my distance but kept avarage HR same as it would be as in Run. I run 2.4 in 14:15 so i just divied but 6 to get 400m time.
Might try your sujestion next time.
This moring there was actually clavical definition,and a little more movement but after WOD it was swallon again,(probably due to increased blood flow,seeing i didn't use that shoulder)so i had to ice as soon as i finished.

How's your shoulder going?

Don Stevenson
08-03-2005, 01:46 AM
I went to the physio today and they said that its mostly OK but i need to do some rotator cuff work as i'm a bit weak in the sub scap area.

That was a big relief but then i got told i need to have a cyst in my knee drained and possibly cortisone too

Fiona Muxlow
08-03-2005, 05:10 AM
Lucky you!!??

Offical word on mine,damage to AC grade-1 tear and compression damage to some other tendons in addition to the dinted collar bone.
Physio says stability not bad considering what was done to it (thanks for all the HSPU Coach).
Have rotator cuff exercises with thera-band to do(bands are way more fun when you uses them to assist chin ups) and can start doing close grip pushups against the wall as long as no pain. I can start running again on the weekend as long as its taped and only for short distances.
I have a comp at the end of the month and he said i should be back hitting things by the end of next week,it still sore most of the time but
I'm seeing one of the physios for the NQ Cowboys so he should know what he is talking about.

PS did 3x 10 OAPU as part of my crossfit warm up this morning

Fiona Muxlow
08-15-2005, 03:39 AM
Up date time 4 weeks on
Was able to to OHS with........ wait for it 5kg today "YIPPY".
As well as hold up part of push up,couldn't lower without pain.
Im still using the little pink hand weights (0.5kg) to demonsrate techniques when i go through programs at work,should see people faces drop when i put them away and pass them a 5kg dumbell for them to use. I could feel the shoulder click when showing an incline fly even at this weight(I always hated that move)but its on "the program".
Good News i can start hitting things again, bad news only lightly.
Ive had my rings for 5 weeks now and finally put them up today, only move i can do is feet on the floor pull /row but its a start.

Christian Hansen
08-15-2005, 10:14 AM
Keep on keepin' on. I'm 3 weeks in PT after being diagnosed with tendonitis and have seen NO improvement. I think the diagnosis must have been wrong. Abduction is my only problem and I experience pain with no weight. I don't know whether to fight the pain or rest.

Fiona Muxlow
08-16-2005, 06:09 AM
Adapt,overcome and have the ability to change!
Thats the ability injuries develop......If you let them !

Christian.....Im assuming PT is Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy)as opposed to PT Physical Training.
The tendonitis i had recently in my right shoulder/bicep didn't clear up till i stopped using my arm for about a week, that inculded things like running (think about it) and has three treatment of acupunture in the same time period. And i mean not using it for anything, not even writing.Mind you now i can throw a ball just as good with my left as my right as well as brush my teeth left handed and left handed snatches.

Rest it, use this time to develop the ability of your other limb/s.

A week or so after it heels i bust my left shoulder, Torn AC as well as sublaxation and cant even attempt to use it> no i lie i did try but the shooting pin but an end to that.
In the four weeks since ive worked on my one arm pushups, my record is 35 straight although at karate the other night i did 2 broken sets of 50.And my inablity to lift any weight has got me working on my squat/OHS form more, something i probally would have skimmed over had i still been able to lift.

Today started my journy back to two arms, After a highly modified WOD single arm cleans and OA Pushups, i gave back squating the 20kg bar a go. Felt good, Tonight i was able to do a clean using a broom stick without pain, but pushed my luck trying the snatch, not quite ready for that yet.At Karate i was able to punch the pads all be it lightly with my left hand, and i have increased my double up speed and power on the right.

Injuries SUCK, but they ARE also good for you, just like your veggies,they help you grow.
They push you in directions you would never have thought to go or had been two scared to attempt before. Someone asked my today how long it took me to be able to do one arm pushups, my answer 2 days, why because injury left me with no other option, it was push back up or face plant.

It was probaly something i was strong enough to do all along, just hadn't tried or gave up on to easy becasue i didn't HAVE to do because i was happy in my two arm confort zone.

When you get an injury you have to look at is in a positive way, so it dosen't drag you down.
Getting injured is bad and i don't recomend it. But the paths they take you down can lead to some wonderfull new discoveries and skills.

Ok enough from me.
Fast rehab to all

Christian Hansen
08-16-2005, 06:31 AM
That is a great post Fiona. Thanks.