View Full Version : Overtraining?

Michael McMahon
07-14-2005, 04:53 PM
I've got some questions regarding overtraining and whether or not everyone out there thinks I might be feeling it a little bit. First a little background, I'm 31 and a police officer that works a midnight (10pm-6am) shift and have been doing crossfit since January and play lacrosse once a week. I've been on my current shift for 5 1/2 years and never had problems with sleeping during the day, eating etc. Since April though I've been having real problems sleeping, I CAN"T sleep more than 2 or 3 hours then struggle to stay awake at work. My apetite has really diminished and seem to not really care about eating lots of junk carbs instead of "real" food. My workouts haven't seemed to suffer either has lacrosse but both activities seem to be taking more out of me than before. Any thoughts or comments. Please, everyone's help is appreciated.

Larry Lindenman
07-15-2005, 05:09 AM
Matt's going hit you hard with no such thing as overtraining. He is right! There is under recovery though. What is your nutrition like? Are you indulging in those high carb feasts? How about stress (other than work stress)?

Michael McMahon
07-15-2005, 09:11 AM
Under recovery is definately the better word for it. My diet is for crap lately, but I try not to indulge in the garbage carbs but all too often I'm not really eating at all. No real stress, other than work of course.

Larry Lindenman
07-15-2005, 10:24 AM
Michael, being a cop myself and having worked midnights, I could tell you horror stories about late night diners, and coffee shops (but I'm sure you've lived them all). Get (back?) on the Zone and prepare and carry all of your food. I always have one of those mini coolers with me. I also have a bag of Mauna Loa raw macadamia nuts in my car (one nut = 1 block of fat). So worst case, get a McDonalds chicken salad and eat your blocks in fat (better yet, get a McGrilled chicken and a plain salad, throw away the bread and shread the chicken, mix with salad. Bring some homemade olive oil dressing with you). Beef jerkey with nuts and an apple is also a good quick snack. Try to stay away from sports bars and frankenfoods as much as possible. You could also throw a scoop of protein powder into a dry water bottle. When you need a quick hit of protein or to add some protein, just add water. Don't drink soda (diet or otherwise) make it water, coffee (sorry, but we have to have somthing), and green tea. If you workout after work, you may be keeping yourself up...the WOD has a strong neurological component. You may want to try working out after you wake up. Fire away with questions.

James R. Climer
07-30-2005, 10:08 PM
I don't know what your personal/ social demands require of you on workdays, but I worked 8-hour mid-shifts (0000-0800) at a nuke plant the last couple of years. I found that I was best at sleeping and remaining alert all night at work if I went to bed at 1400, got up at 2230 and got off to work as if I was waking in the morning and heading off to work like the rest of the world. I have 2 pre school age kids, so it was great to get home as they were getting up and playing with them until they went down for a nap at noon, then I would WOD, shower and hit the bed. Kept the bedroom as absolutely blacked out as possible, a fan made steady noise and I slept like the proverbial babe.

Jesse Woody
08-09-2005, 03:03 PM
Hmmm, I've felt like I've been in a bit of a state of "under-recovery" the last few days. I get up in the morning, completely dragging. My whole body aches, and I've got a splitting headache. Today I called into work and slept until 9:30 (I am usually at work at 6:00) I felt better once I awoke, I did the WOD, at relatively well, but now it's 18:00 and I'm feeling run-down again.

One of my problems is that I am lacking sufficient funds to keep fresh produce around the house. I have two kids, and a wife who works a bad-paying job while going to school, so once we run out of fruits and vegetables after the first week, I have to wait until I get paid again to restock. This leaves me with chicken, beans and rice or cous-cous. I try and take a daily multi, along with fish-oil, vitamin E, and Coral Calcium.

Otherwise, my only option is to try and get more sleep.

Does anybody have any suggestions for other methods to help speed recovery? Any help would be appreciated.

Rick Ihrie
08-11-2005, 04:54 PM
Larry - Was your advice to Michael to "Avoid sports bars" intended to mean the protein bars like Costco sells? I'm a Fireman, and keep a couple of those handy so if we get dogged right at a meal time I can eat something. Are you not an advocate of that type of "meal replacement". Just wondering, I'm sure no food guru.