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Erik Davis
07-12-2005, 02:45 PM
I hurt my shoulder recently and aside from some specific rehab work, I wont be able to do much for that puts stress on it. At least not for 6 weeks or so, not sure on the exact time but for now lets ignore that.

I just started crossfit a few days ago, and I come from a "lift weights get swole, cardio sucks" background (although I missed out on the 'get swole' part), so I figure the least I can do is in addition to my rehab focus on some metabolic conditioning workouts, like tabata squats for example. I'm also planning on practicing lifting technique. So assuming that my right shoulder will be almost worthless, how should I go about training?

My goal is to be able to hit the ground running when I finish rehab and the shoulder is good to go, and definitely improve my conditioning overall. I appreciate the help, and I hope I am posting this in the correct forum ;)

Chris Forbis
07-13-2005, 09:12 AM
I'm not sure how bad your shoulder is, but PVC pipe on the Olympic lifts sounds like it would be pretty good on the lifting technique front. Talk with your doctor before jumping in though...

Robert Wolf
07-18-2005, 01:07 PM
shoot me a detailed email about what your injury is, when it happened, what your doc has ok'd(passive ROM, active assist etc.) and we can cook up some mods that should keep you busy.

Lynne Pitts
07-18-2005, 04:11 PM
Bumping over to Injuries...

Kevin Weinkauff
07-21-2005, 07:07 PM
I am in a similar position, in terms of the shoulder. I am in my first week of Crossfit, and this is actually my first post. I love the concept, and I am reading as much as I can here to get up to speed. I realize my conditioning isn't what it used to be, I wasn't able to complete the WOD today but I loved it just the same. Enough babbling...I am recovering from a shoulder impingment so I am limited in doing pressing exercises. I plan on continuing my rehab exercises (tubing/rotator cuff work) as my warmup. I was curious if I could see some of the examples of WOD's modified for the shoulder. Thanks.

Fiona Muxlow
07-23-2005, 04:03 PM
Erik , i have been unable to do any push, pull, lifting work due to injury in right shoulder over the last three weeks, I sub'd box jumps for pull ups/dips in the warm up, once it stared getting better used lat pulls.
Single arm dumbell work when ever snatches ,thrusters ect where called for. Checked the archieves for workouts that didn't utilize shoulders and sub'd them in on WOD that i couldn't do. Yesterday i busted my left shoulder at a grading so i will be doing the same again this time all lifts will be with the right arm.
Keep up the training, their are heaps of modifications us one wingers can do :-)

Erik Davis
07-24-2005, 10:55 AM
Hey Kevin, welcome!

I haven't talked to Robert yet because I had to get an MRI and then my doctor was out of town, and I have a hard enough time getting ahold of him when he is in town. Sort of dissapointing that its been a week and a half since I hurt my shoulder and I really don't have any idea of what happened. So sorry, I dont have any modded WOD's since I really don't want to do anything that would risk it until I at least figure out what happened.

I have already started some rotator cuff work on my own, just playing it by feel. But sometime this week I can expect to hear back from the doctor, so Robert I am going to hold you to that offer ;)