View Full Version : Rib out of place...?

Brad Smith
07-19-2005, 08:53 AM
I did a lot of pullups on Monday a week ago at a little different angle than normal. Tuesday morning, while bending over to brush my teeth, WHAMMO... I had to make my way to the bed and fall there because something was going on in my back between spine and scapula; it was pretty painful and I couldn't breathe. My back felt fine that morning up until that point. I thought that this must be a cramp from muscle strain from the previous day. Now I'm thinking, if I had actually strained a muscle, wouldn't it have felt sore beforehand... before the WHAMMO? I thought it was just a nasty cramp but now I'm wondering if I could have popped a rib out of place...? Actually, Paul B. suggested that under today's comments and I haven't figured out how to contact him directly yet.

Yesterday, I wanted to see if I could still do pullups (thinking that I had strained muscles from that activity) for the WOD and I was able to do all 45 just fine. What I feel in my back has gotten progressively better so I was interested in testing it out. Now that I was able to do them just fine, I'm thinking, since I still have a slight twinge in the back and the breathing is still impacted slightly, wouldn't doing more pullups have caused pain, assuming the associated muscles were the problem? That's why I was wondering if maybe it was something else or perhaps I was just cautious enough to not have aggravated it.

I'm going to do the WOD today and I guess I'll know if it will be a problem right away but I'm not inclined to go to a doctor or PT or chiro if this continues to feel better. If I had, in fact, dislocated a rib, would it be getting better on its own? Sounds to me like that would be pretty severe, on-going pain until it was back in place.}

Brian Hand
07-19-2005, 06:22 PM
Brad, maybe it went back on its own, yet the area remains a little tender due to the irritation that occurred while it was out. When the rib is put back there is some immediate relief but the area isn't instantly 100% healed.

If you baby it a bit and it keeps getting better you risk a full recovery without treatment, effectively cheating some hardworking chiropractor of his fee, and who knows what mischief you might get into with that cash!

Craig Van De Walker
07-25-2005, 07:00 AM
Something similar has happened to me every six months or so for the last 27 years. First time it happened I was about 14yrs old. The funny thing is it happens in different places. waterskiing, football, motorcycling, bicycling, weightlifting and sleeping wrong have all caused this one time or another. It goes away on it's own within a few days, or when I go to a chiropractor it goes away in a few days

David Besachio
07-26-2005, 08:32 PM
Trigger point anyone?

Ben Krey
07-27-2005, 11:00 AM
When a rib goes "out" it is usually primarily posterior, although they sorta move like bucket handles and are usually adjusted in a J-like motion. Sometimes rolling around on the ground can push it anterior... not as specific as a chiro but sometimes works. If you lie on your back and put your heels all the way up to your arse, then lift the pelvis into the air, you can slowly roll up and down the rib heads on either side. Lifting the head forward slightly and giving superior traction (gently lifting your head headward with your hands) can help too.
This is not intended as medical advise. Support your local chiropractor, lol.