View Full Version : Re-hab for niggling groin injury

Stephen Reeks
06-20-2005, 04:29 AM
today i was talking to a customer at work and he said he has this niggling groin injury that has kept him off the soccer field for a while.
i said to him that i use to have a similar thing, i went on to say that kettlebell swings and some other ballistics had totally strengthened my groin and fixed me of any injury.
he said ok What is a kettlebell, so i told him and offered to show him the exercises and see if i can help him out with his injury.

what i want to know from u guys is what exercises, stretches, mini programs do u recommend i show this dude. from what i gather this injury does not affect him in everyday life, only when he attempts any dynamic activity like soccer.
this is a good opportunity to spread the word on kettlebells/crossfit as this dude is a well known member of the community and would definitely tell people about it.

all help would be greatly appreciated.