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Jack Heath
06-13-2005, 07:47 PM
I am posting this in the hopes that it helps someone, as it has helped me. There is a book called Healing Back Pain, the Mind Body Connection, by Dr. John Sarno. This book has helped me more than anything I have ever done for my back pain. Background: I am a 48 year old, former USAF PJ. I have been temporarily paralyzed after a hard parachute landing as well as compressing a lumbar vertebrae and many broken bones from the same. I also have overuse injuries from triathlons and bodybuilding. Trust me, I have tried everything to cure constant pain and stiffness. Well over a dozen chiropractors, many osteopaths, physical therpay and elaborate stretching routines. Not to mention so many pain killers I developed an ulcer (years ago). The ideas presented in this book have done more to help my back and overall health than anything I have tried. I am also free to pursue Crossfit, something I was doing with difficulty before. Before I read this book I would have thought: Deadlifts? Squats? Overhead presses? Perish the thought! Now I am doing them all. After over 25 years of not doing a deadlift, I pulled 325 the other day with no back pain. I will hit 400 before much longer. I am now doing hyperextensions. Something I would never have tried before because I thought they would make my back worse. They have done wonders for my back. No, I'm not completely healed because I still take Naproxen a few times a week, I do the hypers, stretch and use a shoulder horn, but the difference is amazing. I just hope this helps someone. No, I have no financial interest in this Someone posted this book on the Power and Bulk Forum and I thought I would pass it on to my fellow Crossfiters since it helped me so much. Regards, Jack

Ben Krey
06-14-2005, 02:57 PM
Gotta love Sarno.

He is a professor of rehabilitation medicine at NYU School of Medicine. Basically says that almost all back pain is rooted in bottled-up emotions. Mind body connection stuff that essentially says rage and anxiety can cause back pain. I guess there is justice for all of the road rage a-holes out there, lol. I think he offers a great insight and although his skeptics say it is all placebo, I say, "What better way to heal than by placebo!!!"

Jack, great to hear you are doing so much better.


Jack Heath
06-14-2005, 05:30 PM
I think if you have back pain, unexplained illness (like fibromyalgia) or injuries that you cannot shake, its worth a read. You can get the book (used) much cheaper than one visit to the chiro. I think I was probably the only guy off of Power & Bulk who ordered it, but it has done me a world of good. OK, I'm going to get off my soapbox now. Jack

Tim Boyd
06-25-2005, 07:28 AM
please help!! I have been experiencing back pain in the middle of my back on my spine. I went to a chiropractor who took x-rays and told me I probably had a pinched nerve due to a slightly curved spine, which I had no idea that I had, and ordered me not to exercise for 4 weeks. He gives me the usual adjustment on the table of death. I just don't see how this is a precise science. I'm really down on myself right now because I haven't exercised for two weeks now. I have bad days with the pain and then some fairly decent days. Is it ok to drive through the pain or are there stretches and exercises that I could do on my own that would combat the problem. I work in law enforcement so being out of commission for very long could have a bad impact on my career. I'll take any advice!!!

David Besachio
06-25-2005, 08:32 PM

I'm pretty sure it would take a significant curvature in the thoracic spine to lead to nerve impingement. Manipulation can help but most uncomplicated back pain resolves in 4-6 weeks regardless. I think the general rule of common sense applies in that you shouldn't be pushing yourself into pain when you're hurting but being totally sedentary isn't the answer either. I think a focus on flexibility and low impact exercise to tolerance is a good place to start until you feel better. Think long term.

I say all this under the assumption the injury wasn't traumatic. If it was, you may need a more thorough eval. Radiographs don't always show everything that needs to be seen so if you don't improve significantly after 4-6 weeks, perhaps consider a second opinion.