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Julian Thorogood
04-26-2005, 01:59 AM
Ok folks
Have been diagnosed with an acute subacromial bursitis that has resulted in parasthesia of the peripheral nerves of the upper limb concerned (if you can decipher that we're half way there). ALL training is out for 3 weeks minimum I've been told. Only treatment options seem to be ice, NSAID's and/or an injection (which I've ruled out for several reasons). Aggressive icing (isn't that an extreme sport yet?) and Ibuprofen gel seem to be doing the trick.
However has anyone out there had any experience rehab-ing from something like this?
Any info greatly appreciated!!

Ben Kaminski
04-26-2005, 07:05 AM

"All activity is out" - In my non-medical board certified opinion, you should not just sit on your *** and wait to get better. Getting your blood moving doing pain-free activity will accelerate recovery. Shoulder injuries have a reputation for taking a long time to heal because of lower blood flow to that area than other parts of the body - activity will counteract this. I would also recommend contrast bathing the area (not just ice), and manual massage, along with pain free ROM movements.

Mike Moore
05-01-2005, 07:33 PM
Julian - Just curious (since the subacromial bursitis cousing a peripheral neuropathy sounds a bit fishy) - did you see an MD orthopedic surgeon or "something else"? Also, why can't you train lower body, abs, etc.? Any idea what caused your injury?

Julian Thorogood
05-02-2005, 02:02 PM
Ben - sorry havn't posted a thank you earlier, been away from pc with head buried in books for revision for year end exams! Interesting website.

Mike- Diagnosed by my DO. He's a martial artist himself so when I tell him what I've been up to he doesnt tell me to do something more sensible (i.e. knitting) like the rest of the medical commuity over here!! I've damaged my shoulders before (100mph highside of a ZZR1100 and a shoulder landing on tarmac don't mix well :crazy:) but never had pain quite like this. Got hit with a double whammy as an unrelated internal pelvic condition has prevented any work that pressurised the abdomen. So any squats etc or ab work out.:angry:Not impressed.....
Happily the pelvic situation is stabilising, and having iced shoulder regularly for couple of days, then moved to contrast bathing plus some NSAID help for 1st 2 days (better that cortisone injection option!) I'm now in a position to rehab. Got hold of the Seven Minute Rotator Cuff solution book, and going back to basics and starting again from scratch.
Cause, uncertain specifically, but had started military pressing with bar instead of kb a week or two before. Like I say, bashed shoulder around in the past, so probably a combination of things past and present.

Mike Moore
05-09-2005, 04:09 PM
Julian - If Military Press re-aggravates your shoulder problems, you might try DB press. DB's allow different internal/external rotation of the humerus versus barbel which forces the humerus into one particular angle of rotation. You also might want to start out with DB instead of barbell as you rehab your shoulder. Of course, the rotator cuff work, particularly external rotation (since that tends to be underdeveloped in most people), is very helpful as well.