View Full Version : What is this?

Troy Archie
04-16-2005, 10:23 AM
I've got a weird pain in my right shoulder. It's a dull pain that almost feels like it's really stiff yet even after stretching it out it’s still there. The pain feels like it's under the skin, it's not painful to the touch and the area looks a bit swollen yet I haven't hit it or nailed it on anything.

It only seems to hurt when I bend it a certain way. I have no problems when I do push-ups, handstands, ring work, swings or dips. I feel the pain when I put my arms in the air but it doesn't hurt, if that makes a sense, I could still do a heavy overhead lift with no major discomfort.

Where it seems to hurt the most is when I do pull-ups. Wednesday's WOD had us doing 5 rounds of 15 L-pulls. I completed the WOD as required, finished off with some C&J's and went home with absolutely no problems. First thing the next morning, I went to fire off a few sets of pull-ups and that's where I first felt it, right off the start of that first pull-up. I’ve done a few sets of kipping pull-ups with little pain and it seems that anything dead hang is where it really kicks in and I have to grind my teeth to get through it.

I've never had an "injury" like this before so I'm a bit curious as to what it could be. Any input as to what it could be would be great.

Matt Gagliardi
04-16-2005, 10:51 AM
Impingement perhaps?

I am not a doc, but your symptoms sound a bit like that.

Frank C Ollis
04-18-2005, 07:49 AM
Better get it checked bro. Better safe than sorry.

Troy Archie
04-18-2005, 01:09 PM
Just got it checked out by my GP and he said it was nothing serious, probably just a minor pull and that I should keep off it for a bit.

I plan to see how things progress and if by the end of the week if it still feels the same then I'll make an appointment with the local sports doctor who I couldn't get in to see for a week.

It's going to suck not being able to do the WOD for the next few days now. I guess I'll just have to work on some lower body and trunk work...