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Chris Melanson
03-22-2005, 06:43 AM
Hello all!

I've been hanging around the site for a while and I have been a regular X-fitter for six months now. I really like the philosophy and I now have many new favourite exercises thanks to the WODs. I have also made some very positive gains in strength, endurance, flexibility and body coordination/awareness that have many carry over benefits to my other activities and day to day life, (three small, very active children).

So, here is the thing: I have developed, or perhaps have had for quite some time a hiatus hernia. I am concerned that some of these intense workouts might be compounding the situation. It was actually the evening after a good WOD last week that this condition made itself known. I have since been taking it easy and I go see my GP today. I have a pretty good idea what he will say - not much! I don't think he is much into exercise. So there might be some tests to run, and on this side of the border, a really long wait.

So anyone out there know what I'm talking about? Any med types with advice? Should I continue to stay out of the gym, or just reduce volume and intensity? Any long-term thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


Mike Moore
03-22-2005, 08:56 PM
Chris - Do you mean a hiatal hernia? In this condition, part of the stomach slides up through a rent in the diapragm into the chest cavity. Many, perhaps most, people with this "abnormality" have few or no symptoms. I am not sure from your post what symptoms you are having if any. If you are bothered by esophageal reflux (basically heartburn), you might try working out on an empty stomach. Perhaps describing your symptoms might provide some clues.

Chris Melanson
03-23-2005, 07:10 AM
Hi Mike, thanks for the reply!

Yeah, Hiatial. My symptoms do include reflux/heartburn and chest pains (solar plexus area) that go through to the back. That is what obviously concerned me at first – some family heart related history there, but the ticker and plumbing are looking good. I’m actually a bit paranoid about this area and I always pull back on the intensity of my workouts when my HR approaches 180bpm. I’ve never gone for total failure.

So I was concerned that this hiatial thing might be worsened by many of the high intensity activities contained in the WODs. Example; burpies and box jumps. I have some friends with this condition and they have it much worse than I. So after hearing about their symptoms, I would like to avoid aggravating my situation if at all possible.

I went to the Doc yesterday and he gave me some drugs and said it will likely clear up. He did not think I should change my activity habits.

Thanks again.