View Full Version : Sharp pain between shoulder blades

Norma Loehr
02-25-2005, 02:02 PM
I have a sharp pain that starts between my shoulder blades and travels up my neck into the base of my skull. Ouch! I woke up this morning with this one and have never had this type of pain before. It goes beyond my experience of sore muscles.

Any ideas on what I did wrong with yesterday's thrusters to cause this?

Dan Silver
02-28-2005, 04:21 AM

I might not be the most qualified person to advice you on this matter but the droves don't seem to be coming so I'll give it a shot...

The sharp pain between your shoulder blades could be any number of things. Among the options are your run-of-the-mill pulled muscle, pinched nerve or 'slipped' disc. If the problem has persisted despite rest, ice, heat and ibuprofen then you really should see an M.D. or D.C.

Regarding your thruster form it's not going to be possible to say (positively) what the problem is without actually seeing you do a thruster. I recommend video taping yourself, if you have the means. Then compare yourself to Dave on the slideshow. Look at your back, is it rounded forward? That could be a problem. Are you keeping your chin up and your butt back? Is your weight back on your heels?

Troubleshoot your form as best you can. If you reach an impass you could always try to send your video to HQ and have them review your form, you might want to ask them about that first though. Also, warm up before the WOD if you aren't currently.

It goes without fail that I injure myself, at least in some small way, on a pretty regular basis. Usually it's doing some movement that I've done a million times. Still happens though. Come to think of it I hereby give up on exercise entirely.


Norma Loehr
02-28-2005, 01:54 PM
Thanks Dan! Another idea I heard was that I tensed my neck with the effort as I was lifting my heavier than normal weight for thrusters.

Thankfully, I am feeling better today and back at the WODs! The rest and ibuprofen worked their magic :-)