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Kaleo Aki
09-28-2004, 10:58 PM
Aloha everyone,
New to the board and crossfit concept. Trying to use the WOD's as much as possible .... out of shape and had knee surgery about 6 years ago (long story) .... tore the platella tendon in half .... when I do body squats I get a burning sensation in the back of my knee .... doctor says I have muscle inbalance and that I should do more leg extensions to strengthen the front muscles. What do you folks think? I always thought leg extension were bad for the knees? Is this going to help or are there better exercises?


Rick Worthington
09-28-2004, 11:43 PM
Kaleo - I'm no knee expert but I have had 4 ACL reconstructions and I'm more than likely having another in the spring. Burning sensations are not a good thing - at least none that I've experienced. But, if your doc says to do leg extensions it sounds like he is not too concerned that there is a problem.
Leg extensions seemed great when I was going through rehab (4 years ago was the last time). However, having spent the past year in the Crossfit program, my knees feel better than ever and my legs are stronger than ever (with a torn ACL).
Working on maybe doing 1/4 squats with a 3 second hold might help you develop the muscles if you can't manage the full range of motion without the burning sensation. You might also find stretching your hamstrings will help alleviate some of the burning back there. Whenever the back of my knees hurt I work my hamstring flexibilty and it does the trick.
Good luck to you. I think you'll find if you get into the WODs, your legs will get MUCH stronger and you'll start to feel better.

Larry Lindenman
09-29-2004, 04:41 AM
Kaleo, welcome. Robb should be able to address your specific issue, I'll give you the general advise you see on this board all the time. . .Do the Workout of the Day but modify it to work around your injury. You sound ripe for special exercises in warmups, one legged squats, one legged deadlifts (with sm DB's or no weight). You could do an extra set for your weak leg. Rick's advise is very good, but sometimes Doc's may not be up on cutting edge rehab, Robb is!

Brian Hand
09-29-2004, 06:31 AM
With all due respect Larry, I don't think one leg squats are a good idea until two legs squats are pain free and stable.

Leg extentions are not a great exercise but they do have a place in rehab. They generate some potentially destructive forces in the knee joint. However with rehab poundages (puny) it probably won't be a problem. To me it makes sense to apply the isolation movement until the quad has enough strength to "pull its weight" so to speak in compound movements, so you can work the squats without pain.

Robert Wolf
09-29-2004, 12:11 PM
My ideal situation would be to start rehab in a pool if the added boyancy is enough to elleviate the situation to allow squats. Not everyone has this...although it sounds like Kaleo may be on an island, so this may be easy!

What Brian is saying is spot on its just very common for rehab to begin and end with isolation movements. Additionally we have an opportunity to take things a bit further as following the WOD, even modified, will produce some very beneficial hormonal changes whcih facilitate the whole process.

So, perhaps try some low weight knee extensions, do as much of the WOD as possible and see if squatting while supported in wated is less painful. BTW-Make sure to check out the squatting form in the exerceses section to be sure of technique.

Keep us posted

Kaleo Aki
09-29-2004, 07:22 PM
Thanks everyone for the responses,
I should have been a little clearer ... but the burning sensation happens in the back of the knee after about 50 or so body squats ... I can do some weighted stuff but try not to go to heavy ... the doc said hamstrings were tight and the front inner quad (?) wasn't up to par ... after I stretch ... It gets better ... I just always thought that leg extensions were bad for the platella track(?). I'am going to try what has been suggested and do remedial exercises leg extensions (unless theres something better)and do as much of the WOD's as possible.

Mahalo again,

Nick Holley
09-30-2004, 06:18 PM
I had a problem with muscle imbalances in my leg that led to knee pain. If I do too much after some time off then it will return. A corpsman told me back in the day that I needed to do leg extensions to even that out. I've since found out that staying on a regular squat/deadlift program keeps my muscles balanced and allows me to workout, run, and backpack pain free. I'm not a doctor; I just know what worked for me.