View Full Version : It could be worse.

Matt McManmon
08-22-2004, 05:17 PM
I was recovering from a sprainded PCL. The injury put a big damper on my training. I focused on what i could do, parralettes and upperbody stuff, while slowly incorporated lighter lower body exercises as my pcl healed.. My pcl was all about healed when suddenly i came down with a sudden cold and stomach ache... later that night i was in the hospital having my appendix cut out of me...

I was majorly bummed about my new injury. Its been 10 days since the microscopic surgery. The doctor said the other day i could start doing light aerobics but no weightlifting and definetly no pulling motions. So i decided to go run 3 miles. I felt some mild discomfort in the uppermost wound(there are three.)which mostly didnt bother me until the last mile. I wanted to stop at 2 miles, but i kept pushing with the crossfit spirit in mind. I finished the 3 mile run with a new PR of 20:02. My past best in the 3mile run was 21:27 in early july.

I guess my body needed the rest. Im interested to see if anything else has improved when im ready to start adding gymnastics, weightlifting, and the good old WOD. The night i went to the hospital i was outside doing handstands for 45mins. I cant wait to get back to doing handstands they are fun. Hopefully my handstand ability also improved.