View Full Version : Oh, my back! - GH Sit-ups question

Ross Hunt
08-25-2004, 02:16 PM
I did Jim Baker Sit-ups on the Glute-ham developer this afternoon. At rep number 50, without prior warning, I felt acute, bad, low back pain.

What sort of sit-up technique do you all use for GH sit-ups to avoid this sort of problem? I had the foot-pads at their lowest setting, so my knee angle was probably between 90 and 135 degrees. My sit-ups were full range of motion; I touched knuckles to the ground, usually with a bent elbow, on each rep. I used a plenty of momentum. Was I just not maintaining enough abdominal tension? Is it necessary to go slower to maintain sufficient tension, or can good athletes maintain sufficient levels of tension during this exercise even while moving slowly?

Of course, there could have been other causes of this, too; I worked on dragon flags a lot before the WOD, and I crashed a couple times this morning while trying to perform a front tuck on floor for the first time. Just wanted to see how others approach getting through a set of GH sit-ups as fast as possible.