View Full Version : Wrestling injury

Ed Velasco
06-05-2004, 01:54 PM
My son is feeling the ill effects from a sprain of where the rib articulates with the vertebral column. Has anyone suffered from this injury, how long to recover and any info on preventing re-occurences? The injury did not occur due to being squeezed as in a gut wrench but just from the typical events of a match. His posterior chain seems to be in pretty good stead as his cleans ,good mornings and pullups are at a high level.Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

Brian Hand
06-05-2004, 04:55 PM
Ed, I have had this type of injury and similar rib injuries from time to time. For me they recover pretty quickly with just gentle motion, ice and Alleve. There isn't much I can do pain free when it hits, sports wise, but I can usually work out around it.

I suspect these injuries have to do with side to side stabilization, for me anyway. I wouldn't make a big deal out of one minor injury, but are your son's obliques strong? Does he have good lateral movement? It might make sense to check with some side bends and one armed movements. If you do so, proceed with caution as these same exercises that strengthen could aggrevate the injury! One arm movements that I would consider - farmer's walk, "suitcase" deadlift, overhead squat, presses, jerks, swings.

Matt McManmon
06-16-2004, 07:52 PM
I've endured a similar injury on may17th of this year. However the doctor said i tore cartilege in my ribs. It hurt like hell and has left a bump at the spot. He said it would take 6-8weeks to heal fully. Its been about 4weeks and i can now get in a stance and do movement drills without any pain. im estimating its going to be another two weeks atleast before i can start drilling lightly.

Does it hurt him if he hickups? coughs? sneezes? if so its probally cartilege.